Thursday, April 29, 2010

See You Sooon!!

Hallo everybody!
Life just got in the way a bit, the last few days,and my computer died a quick, but easy death on me!!LOL
I just popped by to tell you {HI} will be back soon, the past weekend, we had the Matric Farewell, will share the  pictures, we went away,also have pictures, I am currently running my friend's studio, she went off to do the Iron Man. Just a bit of running up and down, please don't forget to remember me!!LOL!!
I hope you are well.

And just because. . .another poem for you all!!

Life is a Garden
Life is a garden;  good friends are the flowers,
And times spent together life's happiest hours.
And friendship, like flowers, blooms ever more fair
When carefully tended by dear friends who care.
And life's lovely garden  would be sweeter by far
If all who passed through it were as nice as you all are.

Helen Steiner rice

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hockey Pics and a Poem

Took these photos a week or so ago, Megan's team,while playing against a school from Pretoria.
The game was a draw.
Then, another poem from my Helen Steiner Rice book:

A Friend is a Gift from God

Among the great and glorious gifts
our heavenly Father sends
Is the gift of understanding
that we find in loving friends.
For in this world of trouble
that is filled with anxious care,
Everybody needs a friend
in whom they're free to share
the little secret heartaches
that lay heavy on the mind-
Not just a mere acquaintance
but someone who's just our kind. . . .
So when we need some sympathy
or a friendly hand to touch
Or one who listens tenderly and speaks
words that mean so much,
We seek a true and trusted friend
in the knowledge that we'll find
A heart that's sympathetic
and an understanding mind.
And often just without a word
there seems to be a union
Of thoughts and kindred feelings,
for God gives true friends communion.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another weekend . . .gone!!

Shweee!! Time is surely flying, I cannot believe Easter was 2 weeks ago!
Ok, do you know this?  Do you have one?
I saw this at a local shop and thought of it as just another gadget and a piece of plastic,LOL!! But, it is nothing like that, hubby spoiled me with one{all wrapped with ribbon,the works!}
You can create the most beautiful boxes, envelopes and card with this thingie, you can also emboss and it makes the folding part very easy:)
Then,being the Scatter Brain, that I am, you can just imagine,what my handbag looks like, so, I got one of these!! Works pretty well{don't know for how long}but for the past week,it has been very easy to find anything in my bag!LOL!!
Then, this sweetie of mine, she has been asked by the headboy of one of our Private English schools to attend his Matric Farewell with him, it will take place by the end of April,very early, but they do it in that way, then the students can focus on their exams for the rest of the year. Does she have a dress?  Yes, we got one yesterday, it is a St Lorient number, silver and it fits like a glove!Will share those later.

Lastly, i love the poems of Helen Steiner Rice,bought a little book and want to share one of the poems with you:

Stepping Stones to God

An aching heart is but a stepping stone
To greater joy than you've ever known,
For things that cause the heart to ache
Until you think that it must break
Become the strenth by which we climb
To higher heights that are sublime
and feel the radiance of God's smiles
When we have soared above life's trials.
So when you're overwhelmed with fears
And all your hopes are drenched in tears,
Think not that life has been unfair
And given you too much to bear,
For God has chosen you because,
With all your weaknesses and flaws,
He feels that you are worthy of
The greatness of His wondrous love.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our weekend{action pics}

This past weekend we were in Bloemfontein.  Megan represented the North West Province at the South African Biathlon and Biathlo Championchips.  The difference between the two events is that in the Biathlon, you get awarded points, you run in the morning, 1500m and swim in the afternoon, 100m. With the Biathlo, it is an endurance race, you run 1500, swim 200m and run another 1000m's.
In the first event Megan came 18th overall, she took part in the age group 19-26, it was a hard race.

The photos on this post, I took myself at the endurance race, here she came 8th overall. She struggles with her swimming, she only started swimming last year November, she ran infront the whole race, but they caught her in the pool. After the race we left Bloemfontein, to Volksrust, we had to take her there for a hockey tournament, she is only coming back on Thursday.  She phoned me yesterday, after playing a match, she was player of the match!!{so very,very proud of her}
Hubby and I left Volksrust to go to Newcastle to visit my uncle and aunt, we took off again, yesterday morning, arrived back home at 3 in the afternoon.  The roads were hectic, wet and we passed 2 serious accidents.
Other than that we attended a Easter Mass in Bloemfontein at the Vodacom Stadium, it was lovely.
I hope you all had a great Easter Weekend.
Thanks for popping by.