Friday, December 31, 2010

My Wishes for YOU

Happy New Year!!
May your year be filled with
JOY and
{photo taken in Parys, on a gravel farm road,aka  the "this is the life i dream of"}

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our Weekend{plus some photos}

We decided to take a day trip to Parys on Sunday morning, about 200km away.
We started off at Hoi Poloi, having a lovely breakfast.  I had their SUPER Berry flapjacks with crispy bacon,just devine. What I love about restaurants like these is the fact that you can actually taste what you are eating, you can taste each and everything in your plate, sometimes i get the idea some of these places cook all their food in one pan, because all of it taste the same. This place is really exquisite.

We visited a few shops like these and there are plenty, let me tell you!

The river is coming down nicely, after the rain they had in the Free State.

Took my mom and dad along, they enjoyed the outing:)

Then, we stepped into this shop, the Candy Man.  Oh my word!!  Sweets galore, i only took these stolen pics, most of the shops you are not allowed to take pictures. So this is like 10% of the sweets that is actually in this shop.

I liked the atmosphere of this shop, just like a little farm stall.

Just one of the buildings in the main street.

This cross caught my eye at the entrances of a shop, they sell beautiful things, from handbags to crockery.

We ended the day by booking  a spot next to the river for just after Christmas.

This cake stand with dome, my mom bought me for Christmas, it is early I know, she will wrap it!!lol!! But I just fell in love with it, the minute I saw it! I can just see a lovely cheesecake under this one;) She bought it at a German shop, just out of town on Saturday.
For now, this is all I have to say!
Hope you are doing well and enjoying your preparations for Christmas:)
I am MISSING my Megan, I work a bit, cry a bit:(

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Update on a Project and some shopping and gifts

Ok, I forgot about this one!{thanks Helen!for reminding me!!}
This was Megan's project for Art and Design, last term, they had to make a handbag.
She decided on a simple pattern of a shopping bag and decorated it.
She used plain canvas and sprayed it with a brush and paint, in different colours.
She had a photo printed of herself in canvas too, sewed it onto the bag.
She used cotton material to add some colours, made some flowers out of felt and also used some of MY rub-ons! Decorated some more with buttons and so on. The handles she used plain cord and covered it with yards and yards of ribbons, which she tied up. This cord and ribbon she took with her, whenever we were driving, just so that she could get it all tied up! I just love it!!

The back of the bag!

                   This bag I bought at China Mall, oh my gosh, they have got BEAUTIFUL things there.

Some of the shoes we bought there, not one pair over R100.

Then, some scrapping shopping, just a few things, bit of flowers from Prima, Paper from Making Memories, Pink Paisley and some butterflies and blings;)

Then, last, but not least!
My Birthday gift from hubby, a Polar Heart Rate Monitor!
He know me too well, by selecting a Pink one!
So now I can update my exercising.
And that girlie's is all for now!
I am busy with a lovely tray as a gift for some family.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Update{birthday lunch}

Hallo everybody!
Yet again, long time, no blogging.
This was the day we had today, RAINY, the whole morning till after 3 the afternoon.
And to top it all, I had my Birthday lunch.
I am only having my birthday tomorrow, but had the lunch today,
because of the Monday.
I was very bad, by not taking much photos.
But on my menu:
Barbecued Chicken
Pasta salad, normal screwed noodles with a VERY nice curry sauce.
Potato salad, with mustard dressing with added bacon and egg.
Greek salad.
Bread, which was little Garlic Balls,lovely.
For desert, I made little meringue nests, filled with cream cheese and berry filling, bite sized sponge cakes,covered in cream and white chocolate dressing.
I also made a very GOOD tasting punch, consisting of lemonade, berry juice, champagne and pieces of apple and berries.
We all had a great time and I received some very nice gifts.

Well, NO, I do not have a wish list for tomorrow, how bad is that??Huh?
I will wait for the surprise, although we did take off to a very nice shopping spree at the China Mall in Johannesburg, I am telling you, there you can shop until you drop!!!
OK, but this is just a short post, telling you that I am still alive, I will have to post some pis soon.
Enjoy your evening:)
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