Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I can tell you now. . .

Hallo Everybody!!
Bad, bad,bad, that is me on blogging at the moment!! My life at the moment is just CRAZY!! Crazy in the sense of that I am trying to find my feet in my "new life" will tell you as  I go.
Ok, let me tell you about this photo!lol!! The school had a singsong, so the grade 11's had to dress-up "common" what a theme??? Common!! ok, this is what these two made of it!!

 Ok, this is the school-choir.  They sang on the evening of the Winter sport Capping. They are having so much fun here, hanging onto the lips of their choir leader! At this event the school introduce all their wintersport teams and then the First Teams of each sport, gets special jackets, very special evening actually. . . ours were very emotional. . .will tell you just now.
 This is the First Hockey Team of this year and YES Megan made it!! She was so happy!!
And this photo, Andre Rieu at Sun City's Superbowl. It was our 8th Wedding Anniversary, so hubby treated us with tickets to his show. AMAZING!! The sound was perfect and the atmosphere like a Wonderland.
He is a wonderful person and the whole orchestra is just spectacular!!

So my "new life" at the moment is just ME. Hubby took the job away from home. 450 kilometres to be exact. I can't tell him exactly how I feel, I don't want him to worry, BUT IT IS HARD!! He is my anker at home, we are friends and do everything together and I miss that.  Megan is also finding it hard, the two of them are actually joined by the hip!!lol!! I am just moving, I don't sit down for one minute, otherwise I will fall into a dark place. . .
I took up the quilting classes, went for two actually this week! I am enjoying it very much! I am cleaning, spinning, walking, reading,sewing and quilting!! But it feels i am doing it all at once! SO, next week I will be visiting him, maybe then, I will have peace, just to see that he is actually ok in his new environment.
ABOUT Megan, she is currently in the United States of America, Salt Lake City to be exact! She says it is great!! She and two of her friends are staying with a family with 6 kids!! Can you believe it, this morning they went to school with them and even had a Spanish class!! And as we speak, she is getting ready to partake in an athletics event! oh and they had waffles for breakfast!lol!

That girls, is what I can tell you now. . .