Monday, June 27, 2011

I played: The Colorroom #64 Sweetheart Keep on Smiling

Hallo Everybody!!
Finally, I made this layout and also uploaded it at the Color room! I registered on this site many moons ago, but never posted anything! 
Well, I did need some soap and water to get into my scrap room, that is how long I have not scrapped!! 
So today, I printed these photos from my little Selphy and created this "stick and go" layout.LOL!!
Since there is not much of techniques used, I called it stick and go.
I used:
Paper from Echo Park's Spring Collection,
Lace from the habby shop,
Petal from Bo Bunny and
lettering from Bo Bunny and Echo Park.

The weather on this side of the country is VERY cold, we are not use to freezing temperatures like this.  Hubby was home this weekend, we just chilled. Megan packed and left for Sodwana, she is having a wonderful time, playing on the beach, running and the WEATHER IS GREAT!!
I am off...maybe to do  another page:){i should be rolling up the socks}

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Monday Post and {Megan's American Landscapes}

Hallo Everybody!!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that you spoiled the dads rotten.  We went to visit hubby and enjoyed the weekend with him, we left after lunch yesterday and arrived safely yesterday afternoon.  I went through Megan's thousand's of photos of her trip to America and picked a few landscapes that I liked, so these are all from her camera just as it was. I love all the contrasting colours and can't believe that snow and winter can make a place look so grim at some times.

I came home to a half empty spinning class this morning, can't believe that the cold can make people sooo lazy, but anyhow, I will have another class this afternoon at least:)

I have to help Megan to do a project for Art and Design again, she always leave until the last minute!! She made the plans and drew up the shopping list, I must go and buy the material and then we must start,today!! She must hand it in on Thursday!!

Friday evening, they are leaving for Sodwana, they are going on a church camp, the grade elevens.  They are so looking forward to this adventure and for sure there are some kids that can do with some conversation with God, really. I don't know where some kids are going.  I know of so many sad stories that happened this term, it is scary!!

I am busy cleaning and washing, then the ton of ironing awaits me:( The work of a housewife really is a never ending cycle.

I linked up with a few old school friends the past month or so, it is wonderful to see them and how they have changed and the families they have, some are really happy and then some of them already went through the staged of divorce too and to my surprise some of them are not married at all!! oh my!!lol!!

This weekend, while at my husband, we took a trip to Dullstroom, have you ever been there?? Do yourself and Google this little place, it is BEAUTIFUL. It was my second time to visit there, and I just LOVE it,really. Very cold, but all the houses are build country style and have fireplaces and the whole tootie! And the little shops are divine, expensive, but worth shopping with the eyes too! I forgot to take my camera, as it was in my car and we left with my husbands car. But next time...

I told in my previous post that I have done some scrappy shopping, it is all still in the bags, waiting to be unpacked, I will do that!! And of course show you, but I think in your eyes it will already be "OLD STOCK" lol!! I am very behind when it comes to scrapbooking.

                                              This coming weekend hubby is coming home,
                                                          it is also my dad's birthday.
                                                      OK, enough chatting, I must move!!
                                                     things to do and places to go!!lol!!

                                     YOU ALL HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Must show you this!!

Hallo you all!!
This is what I want to show you...this is our first project as a quilting group.  We will be starting this within the next 3 weeks. Our teacher is going to Cape Town on a course and it also gives us the time to get our materials in order. I must drive all the way to Pretoria to get some lovely material, same as with the scrapbooking. I want the same colours or at least similar to the original.  It is called Autumn House and designed by Bunny Hill designs. We are done with our beginners class and all the other ladies are stitching their blocks together now, but I decided not to that, since all the designs was not in my taste. Other than scrapbooking, I must admit I found my style in quilting within the first three lessons, I am a traditional quilter and I LOVE the applique and paper piecing the most!! The three dimensional stars and things....not me;)

So I have my little bag packed!!lol!! One needle and a 20g 4 thread ball of wool, for tomorrow's crochet class. I did not tell hubby that I was going for this class, I want to spook him with my end result, when we visit him this weekend.
Oh, and did I tell you my laptop is broken?? Seems as though I might be able to claim from my insurance,lets hold the thumbs!!
Sweet dreams:)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Ok, so I am feeling bit better today!! yay!! Thanks to some comments you left, I am feeling better!!
Had a great spinning workout yesterday and this morning, my friend presented the class and it was a blast!! This afternoon it is my turn for class, I am going to compile a new cd today, need some gooood music!!
I took this photo from the Olifants Camp in the Kruger Park, last weekend, when we went for another visit with my  husband, this Megan was also with us, so she could enjoy it too. I think I could go there another 10 times or maybe more?lol!! On our way back, I stopped at a scrapbooking shop and did some shopping, that also felt sooo good.  So, I will be taking some photos of that this afternoon.
Last night i started sorting my magazines!! What do you do with mags piled up from the past 8-10 years?? I packed it all into boxes and shuffed it into hubbies storeroom;) Hope he wont mind.xx
I mean it is all types of magazines, scrapbooking, fitness and health, home, garden, do one just throw them away or what??
This is really an addiction, magazines, the cover usually does it for me!! then i just grab it!! Oh and cooking and baking magazines, I LOVE them.
I made a TO DO list for today, i NEED to focus on that and get the things done!! I know by keeping busy it is good for the soul:)
Tomorrow I am going to my quilting group in Hartebeespoortdam, yes all the way from Rustenburg to quilt, but they are a lovely group of ladies:) and our teacher is GREAT!! Then on Thursday, now don't laugh, I am going to a crochet class, yes, R60 bucks to get somebody to teach me that!! I WANT TO!! And then the afternoon, Megan and the team is playing a hockey match at the school and then on Friday, we are going to HUBS!xx Another roadtrip me and Megs;)
So you have a beautiful day,speak to you all sooooon!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just didn't want to bore you>

So I have not been blogging.
I have not been Scrapping.
No mosaicing.
Only a little bit of quilting.
Took hold of my camera a week ago for the first time in a long time.
I am exercising very half hearted, the same in cleaning the house, so I am also picking up the kilo's!
Why??? For the first time in my life, I can actually say I am in a hole and I know what it feels like.
So I thought why bore you with my everyday of doing NOTHING??
I never thought this thing with my husband working away from home, would make me feel this way, I mean so many people are doing it and are coping really well. Are we so tied to the hip, that I can't go without him at all?? Or am I just feeling sorry for myself? Or maybe feeling sorry for him more, knowing that he is ALL by himself during the evening, at least I have my parents and my daughter.  But still I have this feeling of NOTHING inside of me. I get up every morning with the intention to grab the day!! Doing everything! When I find myself I am sitting, sulking,doing NOTHING.
To top it all... my best friend and I had huge fight, caused by somebody else, but still I felt betrayed and I want her to take my side, she didn't.
What else??
My computer broke! I must have closed the screen onto something, so the screen cracked!! Great,huh??
Megan is busy writing exams,she is studying very hard, shame poor child, here I am complaining about EVERYTHING!!
So, as I told dear Helen, I am still alive, I just need to get grip on myself!!
Have yourself a wonderful evening:)