Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Did a layout late last night, but had to wait for the glitter to dry,so I only finished it this morning.
I took this photo of Megan on our way from Gordons Bay to Hermanus,along the road,on our short vacation to Cape Town.
I used Bo Bunny paper, some really old ribbon out of my stash and KaiserCraft Rub ons.
As we speak I am on my way to help her cover her books for tomorrow's first day of school, yes MATRIC! The past weekend we bought her Matric tie,cannot believe that we are there now!!
Thanks for popping by and having a look:)
Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Art of Crochet.I almost have them all!!

So a while ago I stumbled upon one of these little books in CNA. But the number on the book was already 43.  I thought...ok,let's take this one and see. So in the packet is a little ball of wool, a beautiful colour and then of course the booklet which is filled with all kinds of patterns and techniques in crochet. I thought DARN!! I missed a lot. You see, at the end...which is NUMBER 120!! You finish this crafty throw. Off to CNA I went again..asking them what the chances are to get the back copies of this magazine. Today, i am short of only 10! I have them all! Well up to number 70 anyway. So will start this throw anytime now. But like all things I don't fancy all the blocks, so here and there I will make an adjustment and make the throw my own creation. In the end this throw will cost me like at least one of my kidneys!!lol!! ok but have them now, so need to finish it. I worked out to do about at least 3-4 blocks a week! I am still busy with my other blanket, but that is getting a bit heavy and warm on my lap now in the summer, so will do that as my winter project. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Almost a week into the new year...my word for 2012

After much thought,  I have decided to HAVE a word for 2012.
In so many ways I think this will be my key word to some success in the new year.
By simplifying you can actually link the word "MINIMIZE" too. Here is but just a few things that crossed my mind this morning:

By MINIMIZING negative thoughts I can be more productive,whether in my home, arts and crafts,etc.
By negative thoughts I mean thinking that I cannot take the perfect photo's so why bother? But by thinking just snap and go and you have the memories that will last forever! Same goes into scrapping, quilting or whatever I do.
By MINIMIZING bad eating habits, I can live a more simplified life too!lol! I mean walking to the kitchen every time to have a nibble takes up much time,hey?
by MINIMIZING shopping, I can save money,YES!! Why not use what I have? Makes the journey more interesting not? I know it is way nicer to hit the shops now and again, but you end up in buying stuff you don't really need. I can think of food,we buy in bulk, because we "SAVE" but in the end of the week, all that was fresh has gone bad, so when you have to throw it all out...where is the "SAVE" I want to know?
By SIMPLIFYING my life,it means I should de-clutter. Whether it is in my mind or in my house. This year I want to live easier,by saying that I mean do more,to SIMPLIFY my life.
I can do a few small things like:
Put my car keys on the same spot every time, no more looking for the keys!
By ironing every day's little bits, I won't have to stand one whole day doing that!
By planning my menu for the week, I won't waste time thinking what to cook.
Planning quick trips in advance I won't end up driving around the whole day.
So it all comes to planning,something that does not really exist in my life, but soon will! oh YES!

By setting CHALLENGES and GOALS for myself this year, I WILL end up living SIMPLIFIED in 2012!
And by shortening this post I will end up minimizing YOUR time to read my babble!LOL!!

Have a GOOD DAY!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

To start off the new year...

I decided to enroll in this class of Stephanie Ackerman.
Something to commit to in the year of 2012.
I am looking forward to all of this and it is already looking beautiful.
So I am hoping to stay on top of this project and share what I have accomplished:)

Enjoy your day!