Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Top Rated

The High School had their Matric Farewell this weekend.  They make space for spectators to go and view all the dresses coming down the aisle, since hubby went off fishing, we decided to go and have a peek. I took hundreds of photos and chose my top 12. Number 9 is my favorite, which one is yours??
I thought this year, the guys looked much more handsome than last year.
I am sure some of these dresses made a large hole in the wallets of the parents;)
I have 2 years to save up!
Thanks for looking:)
Have a nice evening.
{i am following Sky News, the rescuing of the 33 miners}

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hallo, my name is Tania, I am a Self Confessed: BAD BLOGGER

Hallo Everybody!!
I hope you have been good.
I am doing well, a bit overwhelmed, but it is going great.
First of all, it is REALLY HOT!!
It is making feel very tired and not up to anything, but I am dragging myself!!
We experienced some tragedy as well, the past two weeks, a very dear friend of my husband, committed suicide, my husband was and still is heartbroken, the truth is unknown of why he did this.

On another note, my friend Thania finished her cycle tour from Vereeniging, to Durban. Can you believe it?? I can feel the pain in my bum.
Megan is doing great, no complaints.

Then, I kept myself busy with this:
Yes, I made all this myself!! I am so proud of myself, it was hard work, stiff arms at the end, but it was all worth while.
I used 15meters of organza to cover the 2 pipes and also made the dummy blind myself.
I also had new blinds installed in the windows, the window looks so much bigger now.
I got some prices from decoraters and just decided that it was all just too expensive.
The material, pipe and blinds cost me under R1200.00 They charge me R150 per meter to do this. Excluding the blinds.
Ok, I know, I have been bad at commenting, BUT tomorrow, will be my day of catch up!!
Hope you all are having a Suuuuper week!!