Monday, January 24, 2011

Day at the dam

Our Sunday morning started of as a very nice day. Hubby and my dad went camping and we joined them in the morning, I have ear infection, so did not feel like camping:( So after a lot of nagging by Megan, we took her and her friend for the day{will post those later}, she had some fun on the tube! We struggled to get her down, so it was around and around in the dam, with the lovely wind in my aching ear!! But she had a blast!
While sitting under a tree, I spotted these two chickens having a fight! A real chicken fight in action!

And then there were these ones, just enjoying the Sunday morning:) Some head down in the mud!
Our day ended VERY wet! With rain pouring down on us, while we tried to pack up everything,still a very nice day out.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

10 Down, 2 to go!!

Looking at these photo's I can't believe that she has only 2 years left of school. Time for sure is flying by! I took these pictures, while lying on her bed,next to her desk,when she was doing some homework.
Grade 11 this year, I hope from the bottom of my heart that this will be HER year! It is a tough one, I know, but I do think she is prepared for what is coming her way.  Grade 10 was a hard year, emotionally, as she had this mother and daughter, which made her life a living hell, I promise you. Jealousy is a nasty thing, I must tell you!  But we are putting that behind us. The year has started in full swing and already she is starting extra maths classes.Her books are covered, her desk is cleaned out, ready for each day's homework.
 Tomorrow they are having their what you call "Groot Geraas"{Big Noise} which is the intro to their next day's in house athletics. Huge Fun!
She is also waiting to hear, whether she made the final under 18 North West Hockey team, they played the finals end last year.  In March the Athletics team will be touring America and guess what?? In June/July the First Hockey teams will be touring Argentina!! Ouch!! Our pockets!!lol!!  But we are waiting for some sponsors approval.{hold on to those thumbs}
I must admit, the middle picture, that is ME!! She really does look a lot like ME!!lol Anyways, I love this child with all my heart, we do share a special bond,we are really good friends and we do fight,oh yes!! We both are very!! I suppose Woman are stubborn!lol!!
And look at that! She can also multi-task, doing homework and working the cellphone! Always time to chat! 
What I actually want to say today is that I HOPE and PRAY that I will still live long to see this daughter of mine spread her wings and fly! She has accomplished so many things in her life already and I wish for her to do so in this year and the ones that lies ahead. Fly,fly, little one, spread your wings and fly!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Altered Frame

I am sharing this project with you, it is the final term's Art and Design project Megan had to finish. She used a garden upright as her frame.  She painted it and then cracked the paint with a cracking medium. Mainly she used backing board to work on and in the end stapled it to the frame. The theme for the project was Me, Myself and I.
Thanks for visiting:)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mini Album{for Megan's friend}

So I have this thing about Mini Albums: I tend to never finish them and get bored by doing them very quickly.
Megan wanted to give her friend Felicia a special gift for Christmas, something different and I promised her that I will make her an Mini Album!
I stopped in Roodepoort the other day and spotted this sweet little scrapping shop, they sell gorgeous kits! But I think of buying pre-planned kits as a waste, since I have so many things I want to use instead, so I asked the lady and she gave me the "recipe" only, yes, you buy only the notes, they give you the photo of the actual page layout, with all the measurements and so on. I thought that this was great, for it takes away the thinking in doing a mini.
So here goes:
Page One: Dream

Page Two:  Be True to YOURSELF

Page Three:  Our Friends Recipe

Page Four:  Love Much

Page Five: Reflections of Us

Page Six:  Live, Laugh, Love

Page Seven:  Always Count your Blessings

Page Eight:  Beautiful Life

Page Nine: Fun in the Sun

Page Ten: Laugh often.

I enjoyed making this album so much, only 10 pages, but I think she will like them, I completed them in 2 days.
Thanks for looking and have a nice evening;)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Off to the market{another little favorite place of mine} And my WORD for 2011

About an hour's drive from us in the Johannesburg direction, you will find this huge farm stall,called Jasmyn.
They sell fresh produce, direct from the farmer.  They have this enchanted waterfall,when you enter.They bake fresh bread and rolls everyday and their meat is of the best quality. I love wondering through this place, looking and packing in my basket some of this lovely products they sell. We make this a monthly road trip and is really a treat for the whole family.
Now, about my WORD for 2011, I am honest that  it is hard to think of one word, that would fit the bill for this year.  There is this one thing at the back of my mind, that will maybe fit my year, so for 2011, I will make my Word: MEANING
To live life with meaning, to do everything meanigfull .