Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Top Rated

The High School had their Matric Farewell this weekend.  They make space for spectators to go and view all the dresses coming down the aisle, since hubby went off fishing, we decided to go and have a peek. I took hundreds of photos and chose my top 12. Number 9 is my favorite, which one is yours??
I thought this year, the guys looked much more handsome than last year.
I am sure some of these dresses made a large hole in the wallets of the parents;)
I have 2 years to save up!
Thanks for looking:)
Have a nice evening.
{i am following Sky News, the rescuing of the 33 miners}


  1. I like no 11....that girl looks amazing which does help the dress.
    They girls really looked amazing...I hate matric dancers as parents who cant afford it have to get themselves into such debt for this one evening...

    I am also sitting editing photo's and watching the rescue...very emotional.

  2. Wow you got some great photos! I had to click to enlarge but my favourites are the red, blue & lemon yellow in that order! And yup you need at least a couple of grand sorry to say - it doesn't stop with the dress...there's the hair, make-up, nails & of course the limo! Have also been following the miners all day. Phew - powerful stuff! God is so awesome ;-D

  3. I love number 10.
    Great little red dress.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. oh my the girls look so glamourous here I barely noticed the boys ! sorry ! lol good to hear from you again , hun ! been wondering what you've been up to !

  5. I love no 10 and stylish!

  6. Looks more like a Hollywood red carpet event! Wow!

  7. they all look so glamorous and grown up!! Oh wow. two years to go huh? :)

  8. hey , grrrl ! letting you know know you're very much thought of !!!;)