Sunday, January 31, 2010

Layouts for friends and this week

I finished these layouts for Shayne and Marcelle.
The first one is of Shayne's daughter,Olivia,enjoying her mealie:)
I loved working with these reds and yellows and greens.

Then, this one of Marcelle's granddaughter,loved the close-up shots and the focus on her eyes.
I am sure, the title will carry the approval of that grandmother:)

I decided to do the third photo of Marcelle separate, for this is such a beautiful family picture.
Also used very soft colours for this layout, made it simple, so that the focus stays on the photo.
The two of you, I hope you like these, I enjoyed working with these photos very much, thank you very much for sending them.
Marcelle,you can let me know, whether I should send yours to Germany or to Cape Town, since you are visiting there, up to you:)

This passed week:
Wednesday morning at about 1:15 two of my husband's colleagues were in a head-on collusion on the N4 to Rustenburg, the one guy, Max, aged 27 died on the scene. The other two people in a Police vehcile, also died. The passenger in Max's car is in hospital. My husband was on the scene of the accident, he was in shock for the whole of this week, he had to take the wife and her mother to this terrible scene.

The school went to a athletics event in Pretoria on Friday, Megan did very good and ran her best 800m time for the season,so far.
They only arrived back at the school at 11:45 on Friday evening, the next day they had to compete in a North West event, she came first in the 800m and second in the 1500m. I was worried about her foot and that she might suffer from fatigue, after the previous night's late event,but she did so well:)

We invited my parents in law for lunch today, had a nice time,having everybody together.
Watched some tennis, sooo happy that Rodger Federer did it again!!

I am still planning to go and do some organizing in my scrap room, tonight still.
I am also thinking to increase my spinning classes to 3 a day again, picked a bit of weight, I really do not want to start the year like this;) But I seem to have a lack of energy, don't know where it is coming from?

Hubby is having a bit of stress lately, I don't always know how to handle things when he is in stress?? I am not really the type of person that stresses,so it is hard for me. I always try to see the bright side of things, where he is more realistic, always looking at the facts.

Wednesday we will be going to the funeral of Max, funerals is always hard for me. Even though I did not know him so well, I feel so sad for his young wife and his family. I have only lost grandmothers and grandfathers, I was still very young and they were very old, so I have not yet lost anybody really close to me, I don't know what I would do if that were to happen to me( i know, that some day it will)but it is a very hard and sad topic for me.

Anyways, I hope you are having a nice evening and that you will have a SUPER week:)
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

She is up and Running

Thought I'd share these photos with you.
Megan ran her first league yesterday, at our stadium, it is the North West North athletic trails.
In these photos she is running the 800m.
She made it through to the next round in the 800m and the 400m events.
She did not enjoy running with her new shoes,though.
She is use to running with bare feet,so it made it a bit difficult.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Here they are. . .

Here are the photos we have chosen, to get my Mojo going, these are the ones from Shayne's daughter, enjoying her mealie!!
There are three of them, for some reason Blogger only wants to upload 5 photos??

Then, these lovely pictures of Marcelle over in Germany.
Love the close up pics of this little girl:)

I will be trying to free my Mojo today and work on these layouts.
You all have a great day!!
Thanks for all the photos:)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Arriving in Rustenburg

Received this in the post today!!
My layout,with photos of Megan done by Lynette!!
Too pretty:) Thanks Lynette, Great Layout, I love it:)

Ok, we have chosen the photos!
I decided on taking photos from one person, here in South Africa and one over the sea:)
Will post them tomorrow!

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Still growing{and making me proud}

Well, school has started, all is back to "normal" again. For the whole of December i had this girl for myself, we had such good times and had just grown closer to each other, I now miss her so much during the day,even though she is is just 1km away from me.
Of course, as always, school has not started without some interesting happenings. . .Megan found out that her best friend is two timing her and spreading some serious bad rumours about her. I was furious when I heard this, really, we treated that girl as one of our own. When I asked Megan what she is going to do about it, {because usually she would burst out in anger}she just replied: "I know and God knows the truth and I am not going to spoil my year by trying to undo her sayings and doings" Good for you girl!! I am telling you that you are a far better person than me.
After 3 weeks back in training she is really doing GREAT!! Last week, when she got into the car after practice, she said to me: "you know what?? i now know, that when you put your mind to something and when your really believe in yourself, you can do anything", I promise you, I got goosebumps, I could not believe that it was my little Megs talking like that, a few months ago still, I had to boost her confidence, now, she is doing it herself and even for me:) I really think in a month's time she has grown and walked a spiritual journey, without us knowing and now it is showing, because it seems that there is a certain glow in her, when I look at her. I love her sooo much:)
Friday it is the school's "house"athletics, she will be doing the 800m,3000m{a item she said she would NEVER do}and then the 100m, just for FUN!
This year is going to be tough, it is also the first year for them to choose their subjects, she is taking: Afrikaans, English,Maths,Accountancy, Science, Biology and Art and design, there is another one, but I can not get the name in English!LOL!!
OH!!And this year is Sweet Sixteen for her too!!:) I will be in need of some ideas:)

Have a nice day!
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Friday, January 15, 2010

Searching. . .{now i am hosting mini competition}

I am looking, searching, cannot find it!!!
This new year has come without it!!
One cannot buy it!!
So, I am in search of REAL inspiration to start scrapping up a storm!! I have tons of nice things to use, 4 kits from Helen, not even touched and a lot more!!!{don't get me wrong, I have plenty of photo's too,but I need a kick start} So I thought of this:

Would you sent me 3 of your cutest, most breathtaking photos??
I will get Megan to choose the {winning} ones and I want to scrap them for YOU!!PLEEEEEAAAASE!!!

Enjoy the weekend!!
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

From my corner of the world

Hey you all!

Did you know, that we are also hosting some of the World Cup Soccer Games??

Yes, we old, little Rustenburg, in the North West are hosting some of those games and here is our stadium, the Royal Bafokeng Stadium, close to Sun City.

And, best of all, it was built looooong before our country even started bidding for the World Cup.

This stadium belongs to the King of one of the tribes here, he also recently bought the whole road, passing this stadium, they are upgrading it as we speak.

Ok, this is a waterfall, running into Buffelspoortdam, also close to us, about,15km.

Beautiful, is it not??

Then, we also have some historical monuments in our town, this is the Paul Kruger monument.

BUT, if you look real close, he is suppose to be reading the Bible, but some person, STOLE it from his lap!!

Ag nee, can you believe it??

And this, this is what we are known for!!


Lots of mines in our surroundings, this province produces a few thousand of tons of platinum.

Thanks for letting me share this bit of information!

Have a nice day!


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My Guilty Pleasures

After reading Lynette and Shayne's blogs today, I saw that they revealed some of their guilty pleasures. . .

I thought that I should play along; ) so what is a guilty pleasure??

We seem to use this phrase a lot these days. It's an odd one if you think about it, since "guilt" really means a sense or awareness of doing wrong, whereas "pleasure" means a sensation of happiness, enjoyment etc.We tend to use the phrase a bit jokingly, to talk about quite trivial things. For instance, someone who is on a strict diet
might feel a guilty pleasure in eating a big cake: pleasure in eating the cake, but guilty because she (it's usually a she in this case) has not been strict with herself and stuck to her regime - she feels she's been weak.Some religious communities such as the 17th century Puritans have come close to saying that almost all pleasure is guilty - if you're enjoying yourself too much, then your mind is on earth and not heaven. However, not many people would go as far as that.

Ok, just a little something i got to describe a guilty pleasure. With no further ado,here is mine:


Anything, that is, should it be grocery shopping, shoe shopping, or just bread and milk at the Kwikshop, I LOVE SHOPPING.


I LOVE my Spinning classes, in the mornings there is actually nothing to feel guilty about, because it is in my own time, but I need to do at least 2 classes a day, so in the afternoons, when hubby is back from work, I really do feel guilty to leave him alone for that hour, he loves spending time with us in the afternoons.


I think most of us, following each other's blog,enjoys this pleasure, because we seem to have the same interests at heart:)

I don't need to shop at these lovely shops, just to walk around in them seeing what they do, what they create and sell. So whenever we decide to go away somewhere, I go on the Internet, to seek different shops in that particular area, i then go and add their addresses in the GPS, so when we reach our destination, i just press the button for hubby and then he must take me there.LOL!! He knows by now, that at some stage, where ever, we WILL visit a Scrap booking shop.


I keep making these fake promises to myself, actually just putting pressure on myself in NOT buying them anymore, but I cannot stop, I buy a lot of magazines.

I buy the following:

Shape, Womans Health(new), Sarie, Rooi Rose, Ideas, Garden and Home, Food and Home,Fitness, Scrapbooking Memories, Scrapping en Kie, I subscribe on ScrapbookTrends, Finesse and whenever a cover attracts my attention, i buy it!!


Well,this is where i met you all,hey??

I love it, just reading and reading and seeing what other people have to say and yes Lynette, I also watch the gate, then i just push the computer under the table, next to where I usually sit.LOL!! I am waiting for the day, when he will walks in and then pick it up, then he would feel that it is actually overheating!!LOL!!

Creme Brule and Sweets

I must admit, I DO NOT like chocolates. Ok, it might sound weird, but no, i do not eat a lot of that, BUT sweets, like Jelly Babies, Fizzers, Jelly Eggs, those i like and I do eat sweets everyday!!! And by now, you know that I LOVE Creme Brule,whether it is homemade or bought at Woolies, I do indulge in that sometimes:)

So there it is,MY GUILTY PLEASURES!!


Monday, January 11, 2010

We got her this. . .

Yesterday, we went shopping for school things in Pretoria.
We were also looking for some clothes for Megan to practise in, she can never have enough!!
So, we stumbled upon these. . .
Nike, Rival, middle distance spikes.
It was truly love at first sight for her.
She just had to have them.
I looked at Hubby and he looked at me, I just pulled up my shoulders, I mean, he is after all, carrying the wallet.LOL!!
Her other ones are actually brand new, but too small.
We finished our other shopping at Makro, i just love shopping there, but the bad thing is, that you also end up buying "other" things, things we do not really need.

Hubby went to Outdoor Warehouse, he just had to get some fishing thingies, thingies that looks like scrap booking stuff to me!!LOL!!
Little fish, some has even got feathers on,actually too cute,whatever the need for them. . .

Otherwise, hubby is a bit sick, he has the flu, actually quite bad, so it is me in front of the stove tonight:(
He usually does the cooking, i enjoy it very much, he even does the dishes;)

Two more sleepies, then it is back to school for Megan, I WILL miss her a LOT!!
This whole holiday she has only gone to friends twice, the rest of the time she was with me, she helped me a lot in and around the house, i must say.(She even vacuumed!!! And swallowed a comb in the process!!LOL!!)
We bought all her things, except for covering paper, cant seem to find any nice ones. Then, she is still deciding, whether she wants to take Art and Design as a extra subject, then i need to get those thingies for her.

Ok, it is off to the kitchen, i think i am only dishing up a nice BIG chicken salad,how about that??

Enjoy your evening!!
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Come on!!! I want them all!!

Just a short post, by telling you that i made a decision this year and that is to make a card to everybody I know, for their birthday.

PLEASE!!! Send me your birthday along with your Postal Address.
Bare in mind that this is a great way of getting rid of some of that stash of ours and it is wonderful gesture.

Have a GREAT day!!

oh, this is for EVERYBODY!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A bit SLOW. . .

I hope you are all very well and enjoying 2010!!
Hmm, I don't think I have been hit by that numbers yet, for I am taking things VERY slow.
I have not seriously started blogging yet, but I am sure it will start kicking in soooon!!
I think it is because we had such a relaxed Christmas and New Year, not much of partying.
I did get a New year surprise, this layout was chosen as a Winning layout at Scrapbook Factory!!(Yeah!!)
It was actually so easy, you had to enter some of your favorite layouts, that is all.
The prize was a Creating Keepsakes 18 month calender kit.
Maybe mine was the only entry,LOL!!

Then, I also received this, from my other blogging friend, Tina.
All the way from Australia!!
Soooo very pretty!
She also included a bag filled with the sweetest little thingies for me to use on my pages.
Thanks again Tina!!
On another note.
Megan's foot is MUCH better, she started practise again about 2 weeks ago,very slowly. Yesterday she started practising with the group again, I could not believe how well she did, I really think the swimming helped her a lot and now she is not stopping with it, she loves it so much!!
We started spinning again on Monday,shweee!! Was I short on breath, 2 weeks of rest did not do me good!! Usually over the holidays i keep on running, but this season i completely clutched out.LOL!! We went camping over Christmas, it was lovely, BUT we got caught in some storms(yup, some rain and wind)but we survived and our tent survived,LOL!!
For some reason I also decided not to make any New Year resolutions, just going to take things as they come this year. I am going to try to scrap a bit more,though.

Anyways, you must have a great day and enjoy what is left of this week!!
Next week it is back to school!!

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