Sunday, February 20, 2011

The brakes of this rollercoaster is not working!!!

Hallo Everybody,
I am including this photo of Megan, I took it in a rush on Valentines Day!{no editing has been done yet!! sorry!!}

Life at the moment is moving without brakes!
Everything is a rush and all is happening at once.
I have not forgotten about you, I will catch up on all your doings in this week, promise.
We have had like 2-3 athletics events every week, for the past month.
My sister in law's son, had a mild heart attack, we were the closet ones to phone, since they have been on holiday, so that was a bit hectic, they had to rush him to Pretoria to have an operation done quickly.
Hubby is seriously considering taking up a job away from home, we are still negotiating this issue.
I took up a new hobby and fell in love with it. . . QUILTING, will show as soon as I have a few blocks done!! lol!!
We are so very busy with the fundraising for the hockey tour to Argentina.
It has been up and down goings for all the documentation for the tour to America.
The everyday thingies must go on, so that is added to all of this RUSHING going on.
Currently, it feels as though I am in a roller coaster and it has NO brakes!!
I hope that you are all doing very well, I DO MISS YOU!!