Monday, August 30, 2010

Spinnathon recap.. .

This was taken the evening of our Spinnathon, Megan had the camera in hand,
There were different kind of teams, some made us laugh.
There was the Cheetah team,who had real good spirit.
Then, the Pink ladies, with the feathers in their hair, and that lady with the black dress, she was funny!!lol!! Danced the night away!
Me, enjoying another challenge , set by the different teams.
The Pink ladies in cheering action.
This team enjoyed themselves.
These girls are from a lab company.
Me taking a sippy, I think we were halfway done!
Us, three instructors, me,Erien and my best friend Thania.
The whole event was marked as a success, we are having another one for a other school, on Thursday.
This is a great opportunity for schools to have a fundraising, great fun and games and SWEAT!!
The Pink Ladies got the second prize.
Hope you are having a great day!
Here, in Rustenburg, Spring is in the air!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. . .{bliss...layout}

So, when a girl lacks the inspiration, to dish up a layout, you go and look for some inspiration.
I found some here

This is one of the photos I took on Sunday, changed it to black and white, making life in scrapping so much easier. . .sigh. . .sigh...
I used the paper of My dear Lizzy and also some chipboard embellishments that goes along with it, some Prima flowers,Maya Road Rub-ons, ribbon and bittie blings.
ALSO finished my heap of ironing, early this morning{skipped spinning!} that is a real first in a looong time.
Hubby and I decided to treat the girls tonight, we are having our own Prawn evening, not that I eat it{will have some calamari} also having my mother over, since my dad is away on a course.
Thanks for stopping and having a look:)
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Monday, August 23, 2010

Photo Shoot {sneak Peak} and bit of randomness. . .

This weekend, we stayed at home, just relaxed.
On Sunday afternoon, the girls and I decided to have a photo shoot, I took 83 photos of these 2!
This is 2 of them, only one of these are edited, the right handed one.
I used a old duvet cover as a backdrop, worked pretty good i think;)
Hubby and I went to Klerksdorp on Saturday, he had to pick up something, so we quickly went to a few shoppies, I found a Canon Selphy printer, the cutest little thing and it's printing is PERFECT!
Just struggling to get it to print from my computer, it prints fine from my camera straight away.
I also decided to invest in the Corel Paintshop Pro X3 photo editing software, works very much easier than Adobe, I have been struggling with that for a loooong time now, this one, I am pretty sure, WE will get along!lol!
There was no Cross Country meeting this weekend, because of the strike and also NO school today{this is fun for the kids}I am just thinking, how they will manage to get through the term, seeing that the exams are on hand.
Today, I have done the washing, but no ironing yet, went to spinning, did  a bit of cleaning too, but I am constantly wondering off to my computer, to try and figure everything out.
By the way, on Wednesday,we are doing a 3 hour long Spinnathon, the teams only spin for half an hour each, a team consist of 6 members, but we, the instructors will do the whole 3 hours!! I have done it before, but not sure I am ready for a challenge like this yet, after being ill, with flue on and off.
I believe that you are having a excellent day:)enjoy the rest of it!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Team Up Thursday{Without the "team"}EDITED

I am seeking a partner for this weekly challenge. Anyone you know, who might be interested, please leave your details in my comment box. I do not know what is going on with the internet today, for some reason, my post was half published. My friend Helen, cannot join me in this challenge any longer, she has her hands full with scrapbooking challenges and deadlines, she has a daughter in matric, so her life is a bittie hectic at the moment.

I decided to post these photos, ok, this is quite high up in a tree, so I was sitting on hubby's neck,while taking these,lol!!
I am now constantly watching when these eggs will crack and then I will be there to photograph these new babies:)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A layout

Technically, not the best, but it is a layout finally!!

Used the outside of the 7 Gypsies paper as a border, stitched around it.
The photos had a VERY green border, so I removed that and cut them to size,juggled some kind of a triangle.
Stitched again, around my left top photo.
I wanted a hockey stick, I found a template, but I am not a fan of paper piecing, so I decided to stitch the stick, by hand.
Added a few Rub-ons,brads and a chipboard title.
Finish and klaar!!:)
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Monday, August 16, 2010

All about ME Monday

So, this was me at 23!
Quite a few years ago.
I used to wear my hair like this, since grade 8!lol!!
When I moved to Rustenburg, the hairdresser convinced me to stop perming my hair.
This is actually a hard post for me to do, this all about me!
I thought about it and realised that it is never JUST me!
It is always about me and. . . .
Decided that one should make space for only ME:)

So, this weekend did not turn out the way I planned. Was really planning on scrapping up a storm, but then dear Megan came up with this huge science project, she needed me to type it.
Also, today is not going according to plan, wanted to go do a one o clock spinning class too, but it seems that I have a bit more of housework than I have bargained for.
I am planning to bake some rusks, but I am waiting for my dear old friend to send me the recipe.
I also really need to bath my dog, she is dirty, thinks she is also feeling dirty,since lying in the sand,catching a tan is her favorite thing,lately:)
Thought I would also tell you this:{just a few snippets of me}
My favorite bookstores: CNA and CUM books, I can wonder around in there for hours.
My best friend: Ok, the right answer should probably be Thania, but truly, it is my husband, I can tell him anything that is on my heart, and at least he can keep it to himself:)
What I hate more than ironing:  Folding socks and underwear!
What I wish for:{ok, this is going to sound insane! but she is now ticking me off!}and I truly wish this woman would stop what she is busy doing, to me and my daughter, but enough is enough!!!{ok, got that off my chest}
What I am thinking of cooking tonight: Lasagne,but then I should start now, before hubby gets home, it is not his favorite, but after all, it is ALL ABOUT ME MONDAY, and it is my favorite!
YOU have a great day!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cross country - First League

It was the first league of the Cross Country Schools today.
For a change, Megan is running under her own age, which is u/16 girls, in the club championships she must run a year older.
She runs with plaster around her feet, since she was a little girl, she could never run with running shoes. 
She came first today, she made a huge gap between her and the second runner.
Girls her age, run a distance of 4km's, they run this in a time of about 15-16minutes.
The second league will be next weekend, then the North West trials and then, should she make it, it is South African Championships. She already made the team for the Club Championships.
She started running, when she was in grade 3, on her own, she decided that this is what she wants to do and she is still here. . . running. I taught her, to always keep her feet on the ground, no matter what.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Her friend. . .

Last night, the school hosted their beauty pageant, Miss Rustie.
Megan's best friend, Felisha,aka {fiela} entered and she WON the title!!
We were over the moon!
I went along with my camera and flash, to try out some photos,knowing that usually at a school function, the lighting is very bad, but I think they are not too bad;)
Now, this is what this girl loves, she loves acting,singing and dancing.
They have been friends since grade 3. The girl on the left, is her sister.
They don't only get judged by looks, they also need to parade in their school wear and then, they must perform a act, which she wrote all by herself. It was GOOD!
Next week, she will be staying with us for a week, her mom won a competition, a holiday in Zambia, for two. She is like another child in our home and we love her, the two of them, swing it very well together, yet they are so different.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Team Up Thursday{A Tree}

Tania chose the topic for this week - "Trees" & at first I thought "no!" because we only have a couple of palm trees in the garden and,being winter at the moment, they are not looking particularly stunning! I wasn't looking forward to hunting down a beautiful tree in Durban as it's rather chilly here right now, then I remembered that I had taken some "tree" photos in June, when we were visiting Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape. While my photo is not technically brilliant & not perfectly focused {due to it being windy} I like that I caught the sun shining through the bare branches & oversaturated it to show the "sun circle" in the sky above the tree."


I chose this one, because of the huge difference in colours I experienced, while driving in the Pilanesberg the other day.
It is quite dry, although the dams are filled, but the grass is very dull looking, comparing to the trees, here and there which are very green. You can also see,  that this tree has mounted it's roots on this rock. I thought of that as quite interesting too.
Thanks for coming over and have a great day.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pilanesberg Wild Animal Photo Shoot

We went for a drive through the Pilanesberg Park, we started our tour by seeing these Waterbucks.
Some Impalas, they seem to be in good shape.
The park itself, is very bushy, some green grass, although the dams are quite full.
Also some White Rhino on a stroll.
Did some birdwatching.
Then the male and female Rooihartebees buck.
Then these beauties, watch this one, doing the splits, so it can lick the salt, shame, hard to have such a long neck.
We took these at the centre of the park, where quite a lot of animals get together, maybe they know we are taking photos;)
I think this is a lovely one of our zebra.
Ok, look at this. This is an elephant carcas and the lion male, watching over it, after eating himself over the top.
Also taking a nap, lying on his back, we waited for about half an hour, for him to get up, but he was so lazy.
This was taken at quite a distance, for the rest of the onlookers are not too keen on sharing the scenes, I mean really, watch,  take a photo and pass, there are hundreds of people behind you!
Hope you enjoyed a lovely Woman's day!!