Thursday, March 25, 2010

In short

Ok, {breath. . .}This was bad.
Last week Thursday, Megan got verbally attacked by the mother of a jealous friend.
She was quite traumatised by the whole situation, but eventually today,I solved the problem at school{this happened on the school's property}
The mother made her daughter the innocent victim, but as they say, the proof is in the pudding! She could not proof a thing wrong from my daughter's side, BUT me, I have the proof{see, I am one of those nosey mothers, I know what is going on, so I did some investigation and took it all to school} I promise you, I prayed and prayed this last week, I was actually on my knees, asking God to remove this {don't know what to call it,maybe devil himself} from our lives and today, while I was in the office of one of the deputies,my mind just cleared and we decided to rise above this whole situation.
Megan is a bit run down, feeling very tired{she cried this whole week}but she will be okay.

We have some good news!!
Tomorrow our very own Mr Price Sport is opening its doors,can't wait!
I did some scrappy shopping too, some Prima paper and Graphic 45,hmm. . .and some Kaiser,yummy!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Nightmare

Currently,me and my little family are living a nightmare!! Especially Megan,is having a really bad time.
Please keep us in your prayers and thoughts.
Speak to you all later.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Card share.

Ok, this first card,might seem a bit familiar to one of my friends in blogland{this was the card ment to arrive at your box,sorry,again}

The rest of the cards I made from leftover paper and scraps.
The little owl card, I got the owl from a gift bag,bought at Clicks and the green part with the writing on, is packaging from Prima goodies!!LOL!!
Thanks for having a lookie:)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Random {little things}

Currently, my tastebuds gets tickled by the following:
Wilsons, Caramel squares and I find myself tempted to buy that very looong box.LOL!

In our grocerie cupboard I always have 3 bottles of tomatoe sauce,why?
I like All Gold tomatoe sauce,
Hubby likes Wimpy tomatoe sauce,
Megan likes Heinz Ketch Up.{crazy little family}

In the mornings{after spinning session} i MUST have a cup of Nescafe Cappacino,but these days I seem to struggle to find it in stock at the shops.

The best part of doing washing,is the smell of the Sta Soft{just love that clean smell.}

I also noticed today,that I have 2 white elephants standing in my house, one is the dishwasher and two is the tumbledryer, the dishwasher i only use on occasions,{then, i only pack in the plates and cutlery} pots and pans, I do myself, and the tumbledryer, I only use for towles,{scared the rest would shrink}

Ok, a tip. . .did you know? That all Woolies "diet products" are Aspartame* FREE. I saw this, for the first time, this morning{had to get some rolls}and when you read this blog,but do go back a few posts,you will read all about this ingredient in our products.

Lastly, do you watch American Idols?? I do!! AND THIS IS MY FAVORITE: CASEY JAMES
Ok, but really, what is NOT to like?

Thanks for letting me share

Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Rush and Monday Blues

Hallo everybody!
What a weekend!! One with NO rest.
It started off, with yet another *Sweet Sixteen* birthday party.
These parties are getting too much and this one's venue,was at terrible spot{bad road to drive} and way out of town.
Then on Saturday we went to watch Megan's team play hockey,{shame,they lost,real bad}but I still love to watch them play.
After the match,hubbie and I had to leave for Johannesburg{meet and eat at the new company}
I was not really up to it, but had a nice time,BUT was a bit ammused by some old ladies having TOO much to drink!
Imagine this: lady,in her sixties and her husband doing the Dirty dancing,while we were eating!LOL!!
I laugh at it now, but then, I was actually a bit disgusted,really,why should a woman drink so much, the lady next to me had a total of 8 beers{Black Label}
I actually felt a bit out of place, I do not drink {wine per occasion}but I really need to be in the mood and i don't smoke at all!!
They were all going"GROOT" hey.
Enough about that!
Then on Sunday{can you believe it?on a Sunday?}they organised the North West Hockey trials in Potchefstroom,so there we went again.
From 11 the morning till 5 that afternoon, the kids were totally paste!
Coming home, we all just had a bath and got into bed.

That was my weekend!
Mondays are always a bad day, when it comes to cleaning,the"don't put down,put away "rule STILL does NOT apply in my house, so on Mondays I first have to put away, before I can start the cleaning,but I managed evetually:)

Got this photo on Google, THIS is my next movie at the cinema{whenever I get the chance of course}
Sorry, I have not yet uploaded my photos{made some cards and keyholders}will do that tonight:)
I hope for you all to have a splendid week!
Off to the washing now!{:(}

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I am alive!!!

First of all, THANK YOU for everybody that commented on my previous droopy post!!
For those of you having a bad day or moment hang in there. . .we all LOVE YOU!!
Last night:
I took a bubble bath,relaxed and just chilled for about an hour,before going to bed.
I read my new Finesse magazine, found some lovely inspiration.
I prayed that God should be with us and protect my family and that He must please forgive me, complaining.

This morning i woke up:
Energized,but at the same time relaxed.
I am thankful for the new day and am ready for whatever it may bring.
I am going to:
Clean my house from top to bottom after spinning.
Take a shower, do my hair and then. . .
Have a great day
{this is what i am dancing to:}

Mmmmm ... Mmmmm ...
I get wings to fly
Oh, oh ... I'm alive ... Yeah
When you call on me
When I hear you breathe
I get wings to fly
I feel that I'm alive
When you look at me
I can touch the sky
I know that I'm alive
When you bless the day
I just drift away
All my worries die
I'm glad that I'm alive
You've set my heart on fire
Filled me with love
Made me a woman on clouds above
I couldn't get much higher
My spirit takes flight
'Cause I am alive
When you call on me
(When you call on me)
When I hear you breathe
(When I hear you breathe)
I get wings to fly
I feel that I'm alive
(I am alive)
When you reach for me
(When you reach for me)
Raising spirits high
God knows that...
That I'll be the one
Standing by through good and through trying times
And it's only begun
I can't wait for the rest of my life
When you call on me
(When you call on me)
When you reach for me
(When you reach for me)
I get wings to flyI feel that...
When you bless the day
(When you bless, you bless the day)
I just drift away
(I just drift away)
All my worries die
I know that I'm alive
I get wings to fly
God knows that
I'm alive

A bit of a heavy heart

I love these daily inspiration by Nubia{here is another one for you}

This week has been hectic in all ways,I mean ALL WAYS.

Last Tuesday, we had the Super 16 athletics, it was so hot, it was unbearable for the kids. The school itself did not do so well, but let me tell you, we have a country filled with kids with huge talent. Megan participated in the Biathlon the next day, she made the North West team, the SA championships are being held in Bloemfontein over the holidays. Ok,then over the weekend she went to the North West athletics championships, she unfortunately did not make it, but did very well, because she enters at a year older. They also had hockey trials this week, she made the under 16A team. When it comes to sport this child of mine has no end, SHE LOVES IT WITH ALL HER HEART.

Then, hubbies holiday is on its end AND he decided he is NOT going back!! He made a HUGE career change, I am very nervous and I pray to God that he is making the right decision. I understand the fact that he had his time on the mine,enduring a lot of stress and responsibility,but me?? I don't see him doing anything else!!This is going to be a HUGE challenge.

Currently I am feeling that i am wasting time these days, on a very low when it comes to fill a 24 houred day, cannot seem to focus. To top it all I had a fight with my Best friend, it was a total misunderstanding and it is sorted, but i feel TERRIBLE:(

I hope that the rest of the week will turn out to be better, I know, I am complaining with the white bread under the arm, but I feel wasted.

I read so many blogs, they are sure all so cheery and inspirational!! What the hec is wrong with me?? Anyways, I am off to the tub now,fill it up with bubbles and just SOAK it all off.

Thanks for reading.
Enjoy your evening

Thursday, March 4, 2010

just a few cutie shares

I always admired the work of Anne Geddes,bought all her books and stationary.
Thought i shared these cuties with you.

Tell your friends!!

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Thanks T

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


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