Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

To all of you!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Look,FINALLY!!

Finally I have a new look for my little blog.
I met this kind friend in Blog world,Alicia,she did all this for me in the blink of an eye;)
Thank You so much for you kindness and patience.
We are worlds apart,but yet it was so easy to communicate.
I am SUPER busy!
Had 3 orders on number 99 for Christmas cookies.
I baked my own Birthday cake, will share that soon.
I had my birthday yesterday,my husband traveled all the way to come and surprise me for the day and drove back this morning. I will be visiting him this weekend.
In between I have the normal everyday things to do.
I also have to help my mother,since her leg has a serious fracture that just would not heal,helping her with cleaning and cooking.
Our studio is closing tomorrow for the holidays,shweee, that will be a good thing or a VERY bad thing.

         ************************Have a lovely evening*************************

Friday, December 9, 2011

She is now OFFICIALLY in Matric!!

I still remember her first day of school as it was YESTERDAY!! With the funny" pot on the head" hairstyle and the little pony on her head that looked like a fountain.
She has grown into a beautiful young lady,one who has made us proud in everything she did.
And now in the blink of an eye, she will be progressing to her final year of school,MATRIC!!
Love you to bits!!xxxx

Hoping for a wonderful weekend to you all!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some more Cape Town

Hallo again! Some more photies of our quickie in Cape Town!!  I took this first one from the sidewalk at the Table Mountain entrance, we decided not to get off the bus and enter the mountain, will do it again next time;)

This one was taken from behind Table Mountain as you go
on the Camps Bay route.

Some of the beautiful beaches in the
Camps Bay area.

This is the beginning of the Twelve Apostles Mountain range,I am thinking this place could be our Anniversary venue in two years time, have you ever been to the Twelve Apostles Spa?

Ok, so lets be clear...  The wind DOES blow in Cape Town, but I would put that aside and still make it my favorite spot in our country.

This is the lighthouse as you enter Sea point.

Whenever in Cape Town you cannot dare to miss lunch at
 Mariners Wharf in Houtbay.The fish is delish!

We were just in time for the Sardine Rush! Did you see that on television??

Here we started the route on Chapman's Peak, 
can be quite scary on windy days;)

Right at the point of that mountain is Rob island, you can go on trips from Houtbay harbour to do some shark seeing and maybe some live attacks,many of the National Geographic videos get shot here.

Some proper support action on the route of Chapman's Peak

And then to end this day, the most famous or not so famous Noordhoek beach. Now this is the beach where you DON'T go swimming;)
thanks for stopping by....***

Day{ one} in Cape Town

It has been years since I last visited the City of Cape Town, we always stay along the coast, or should you drive through the city, you must always be focused on the traffic, so much of the beautiful surroundings just pass you by, without really noticing.  We decided on our first day to take the RED BUS at the V&A Waterfront and follow the RED route the bus takes. Let me tell you I got one RED tan!!{lol }I never noticed the sun burning me, because we were on the move the whole time. But nevertheless, we saw some beautiful buildings and churches,little shops and visited a few museums. The RED route goes right up to Camps Bay, will share the rest at another time.
Something that I really noticed is how grown Megan has become, when they are small, they just want to ball on the beach and they don't really appreciate sight seeings like these, but she enjoyed every minute. This was actually our second last official school holiday together, we have one left next year and then she will be done with school!! Time DOES fly.
Thanks for letting me share;)

Monday, December 5, 2011

**Cake for my friend**

Long time no blogging...
It was a busy month.
We took a week off and went to Cape Town, sooooo lovely, but it was too short,but March is around the corner.
My best friend has her birthday today, so I baked her this cake yesterday, I am so proud of the final result.
I used a chocolate mud cake recipe and topped it with strawberries, which I brought with me on the plane on Saturday, just to make it a bit more special;)and then made the border with wafer biscuits which i dipped in chocolate. So happy birthday to my friend!! Not the best photo,but just took it in a jiffy;)
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