Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Flower Pics

Walked around in the garden on Sunday-morning and took these photos of some flowers in our garden.
I think they are really pretty.
I still struggle with the shadow problem, can you see?
No wait, point missed, I STILL STRUGGLE WITH MY CAMERA!!

I have it over a year now and still don't manage using the manual settings:(
Anybody with some tips???

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Sunday, September 20, 2009


Well, what have you all been up to?
Hope you had SUPER weekend.
I am only sharing these photos this morning, Megan and her BEST friend Felisha, they are such good friends and have a lot of fun together.
The curls you see in Megan's hair, now this is strange, whenever I blow wave her hair, it will only last for a few minutes, that is how "straight" her hair is, then I discovered this wave when I added a bit of curling mousse to her hair, so this is a new style for a while:) Felisha's mom took the photos on Friday night, while Megan slept over. Will post another layout I have done over the weekend, tomorrow or so. You must all have a SUPER week;)

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Hi You all, hope you are having a relaxed Sunday afternoon. I just found this great giveaway at
Hop on over there and do the THINGIE!! Good Luck !!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Webster's Way

Hallo, everybody!!
I have done it, Webster's way,eventually, this was DIFFICULT!!
Like I said, I find it hard to scrap with paper, which is pre-designed like these ones, BUT the paper is so pretty, I just had to do it!
So, I need your comments please, HELEN where are you? What do you think?
And yes, I made it double, once again, I don't like single that much.
I used ink, distressed the paper, only the ones under my photos, added glitter and dimensional gloss here and there.
Hmm, I think I will use WEBSTER'S again:)
Enjoy the rest of your day!!
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Piggytales: CONTINUED

So, how are you all?
Hope you had a lovely weekend.
Mine was quite relaxed and lazy, at least finished a page.
But it included a lot of indulging into sweet temptations.
Felt like Lemon Meringue tart on Friday evening, so went to the coffee shop and got some on takeaway.
Saturday we had friends over and we had some wine, and ended the evening with some Italian Kisses and on Sunday I had pudding AGAIN.
So, how is that for some SUGAR LOADING??
I finally finished this page on the Piggy photos of Megan and her friend Margie on the farm, over the last holidays.
Used some Basic grey,MELLOW, Enmarc die-cuts and chipboard lettering.
Painted all the letters, sanded the photos and added some ribbon.
Ok, finally, I bought some WEBSTER's paper the other day, Helen is crazy for this paper, so I thought I will go and have a look at their site and was amazed by all the pretty paper.
I actually find it hard to scrap on paper that has a theme to it, but will give it a try.
Hmm, so tomorrow is MONDAY, what a week, will have to double my workouts, I really had too much sugar;)
Anyways, you all have a SUPER week!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Teen Diva

Hallo there,
Ok, really, these are not the best photo's, bad light, some cars at the background AND
just look at that frown!!
By the time Megan turns 18, I will have to take her for Botox, ha ha!!
No, we both have that problem, don't know why, but if I get myself, I am sitting with a frown between my eyes,bad, bad!!
Used some Bo-Bunny papers and stickers that I bought a LOOOOONG time ago and I thought the Petaloo flowers went well with her little dress.
Ahh, have to tell you this, my first mommy-fish had babies on Sunday!!
A whole lot of about 15, sure there were a few more, but when I finally noticed that there were babies, I caught mommy and daddy in the act, busy munching on a few babies, how shameless is that??
Ok, see you sooon!!
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School Layouts

Hi You ALL,
Hope that you are all very well and are having a nice day!!

I am posting these layouts today, because I suddenly realised that I am way behind on Megan's school album. These are the last two layouts of her primary school album, the first one is her grade 7 page. I tried not to use red at all, because of the uniform that is red, then I took the class photo and cut it up in pieces and fitted them to suit my layout.

This is her sixth grade page, the frames were real cheapies that time not really nice, but I used them and used some rub-ons to jazz it up and of course I needed a flower, always.

The second page of this double layout, again the class photo, I kept it all in one this time just added a border with twirl and stamped on it.
So, I really need to pull myself towards myself and get the rest done, she is in grade 9 already, so it is 2 years behind.
I think the reason for me taking so long, is the fact that it actually took my a while to adjust to the fact that she was going to High School.
It is really warm today, already 30 degrees, it is suppose to be spring, but we hopped right to summer it seems.
Enjoy the rest of your day!!
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Friday, September 4, 2009

Copy and Paste Questionaire

Here you go, Helen's Copy and Paste

A must have scrapbook supply for you?
Absolutely Bazzill

The funniest thing you have ever scrapbooked?
A naked picture oCheck Spellingf my father when he was a baby.

Who or what inspires you?
Lovely products, beautiful photos and even my mood that I am in.

Do you snack while you scrap?
Of course, get up every now and again to the kitchen.

When do you feel most creative?
After sifting through all my goodies and visiting a few blogs!

Do you have a scrapbook confession?
Yes, shhht, I never take my slip at the scrapbook shop and sometimes leave my parcels in the car for a while.

What is on your scrap wish list?

Your favorite manufactures?
Hmm, for embellishments, Making Memories
Sticker sheets, love the ones from Bo-Bunny
Rub-ons Enmarc
Ribbon, American Crafts
Paper, Basic Grey, Bazzill, Fancy Pants, We R Memory keepers, Piggi Tales, can't stick to one or even 2.
Flowers from PRIMA
Love Maya Road Blanks.

have a nice weekend!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Inspiration Station

I came accross these layouts on Pages in Time, the creator's name is Irene Tan, she has a really nice blog going there you ladies!! She is from Malaysia and her blog is called Scrapperlicious!!
I have added her on my bloglist, so hop on over there and go look. Hmm, Helen, don't know you that well, but I think you might like this, let me know.
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Second post for the day!!

A layout i created according to the Page Maps sketches, photos are from 2007, Megan and her friend Janneke, we went to Cape town, this was on Noordhoek Beach. The paper also old stock:)just added the black cardstock.
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New addition to my scraproom

New members in my scraproom, a little glass flowerpot, with 5 guppies in, but there is a story to tell. . .
Last week Monday we went to visit a friend who was in hospital, she as a huge pot filled with guppies, I instantly fell in love with this idea, so the next I went to the Pet Shop and bought 16 guppies.
Put in some stones and a little plastic plant, filled the pot with water and in with the guppies, little did I know, how bad our water really is!!
That evening at 9, all 16 of them. . .dead:(
12 of them were in a separate pot and then the other 4, but they ALL died!!
So the next day, I went again, only bought 5, cleaned the pot, filled it with FILTERWATER and added a real plant and they are
still ALIVE and KICKING!!
Now, I have a smaller pot with only 2 guppies on a shelve in my kitchen, love them.
I introduced a friend to scrap booking this week, she is a stay-at-home-mom now and she
is really BORED at home. SO, this is where I am taking her on the 10th of OCTOBER
I like Amy Totty and Kellie Collins, but only Amy will be teaching this one.
I am actually excited, haven't been to a class for a long time.

Hmm, nothing else going, just that my Megan is sick,AGAIN. . .And I thought that babies and hubbies are bad patients, but teenagers are much worse, moan and groan the whole time and wants your attention the whole 24 hours!! Shame, she is suppose to run the provincial cross country trails this coming weekend in Vryburg, don't know now.

Anyways, enjoy your day!!
Hope you have planted a few seedlings!!

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