Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pilgrims Rest visit...

About a month ago, we visitited hubby for the weekend and we went to explore Pilgrims Rest.  On our way there, we saw this huge shoe, we stopped to have a look.  The shoe was build by Ron van Zyl, when you enter the shoe, you also enter underground caves. BUT this is not all, it is a Spiritual journey through the caves, Ron created these caves to tell people about God, how we can get closer to Him and he also tells you about a life without fear. For me this was amazing.

                             Hubby having a smokey, before leaving...grrrrr. I wish he would stop smoking.
                                    And how cute is this?? look at the hats!
                                     All the houses in the main street look like this one.

At this little shop and restaurant I had the most amazing cappuccino and of course a pancake or two, pancakes are my favorite in winter:)
Some of these shops sells the most beautiful handmade crafts, lamps, pottery, clothing,etc.

Some of the local craftsmen and woman's art displayed in one of the gardens, these are made of beads!
We wanted to overnight at the Royal Hotel, but it was fully booked that weekend,lovely old  place.

I still find it very hard, with my husband far away, but each and every weekend that we spent over there is a new adventure, we see and go to places that I have never seen before.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


  1. This is soooooooooooooo very interesting _ wow only in South Africa do you find these kind of artistic beautiful.
    Your photography is beautiful as well...
    About the smoking...I'M WITH YOU!!

  2. I have loved my visits to Pilgrims Rest too, haven't seen the shoe place, that looks so interesting.

  3. I love the old world feel of Pelgrims Rest...we always spend a day there when we go to Mapumalanga. Lovely photos and so great to hear from you again.


  4. You amaze me with all your little adventures & I love the look of all these eclectic little spots along the way! This would make for an awesome collage type page or even a little mini album!!

  5. o such charming pics !!!

    p/s any chance that I can borrow some of your pics if I am in need ? lol

  6. sooooooooooooooo charming and awesome pics, love that old rusty car..... a great adventure ... love it .. hugz x