Sunday, October 23, 2011

{me} The constant Procrastinator

YES! I have passed the test. I am forever procrastinating. It goes like this:
Do you put things off, always finding excuse to do something tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow? {YES}
We're all guilty of it from time to time, but frequent procrastination can result in problems at work, in your relationships and with your health.  This is according to Shape Magazine, and there is a test, I did the test and had the highest score too!!
My score? A whopping 101-150
You're a classic Procrastinator- and it is Affecting Your Life.
"Later, tomorrow, some point in the future" - has become your mantra.  You will do whatever you can{consciously or not} to avoid the tasks you don't want to do - and maybe even those you have no issue with, but feel like you can put off anyway.
If procrastination is not already a serious issue in your life, it will become one.  It's time to give yourself a reality check!  putting things off often tends to backfire or make matters even worse.
Start giving yourself rewards for tasks that you get done right away. There is nothing wrong with giving yourself incentives, as long as you take the incentive after you've done what you set out to do.  this will reinforce the general sense of well being and pride that comes with completing tasks.

After reading this, I was actually shocked!! Because this is me spot on!!
What I have been delaying in only this month?
*Making my bag for the quilt class
*Booking our year end function for the quilting group
*Getting a dress made for me and Megan for a function
*Everyday things like washing and ironing
*Compiling new play list for spinning
And the list goes on and on...
That was until last Monday...
I do a list now EVERYDAY
What can I tick off?
*Took photos of my friend's baby
*Started my quilting bag
*Booked our venue for the year end function
*OK, and two new play lists for spinning!



  1. Truthfully I feel like you every day but I make a list and work my way through it - it's the only way I get anything done - so don't worry about it just set yourself a schedule & stick to it! Have a productive week :)

  2. oooo that's great that you've come to your own realisation , hun ! way to go !!

  3. Oh, my world will just fall apart if I did not work with to-do lists. Problem with me is, if I don't do things in time it kind of snowballs into a huge problem.