Thursday, January 5, 2012

Almost a week into the new word for 2012

After much thought,  I have decided to HAVE a word for 2012.
In so many ways I think this will be my key word to some success in the new year.
By simplifying you can actually link the word "MINIMIZE" too. Here is but just a few things that crossed my mind this morning:

By MINIMIZING negative thoughts I can be more productive,whether in my home, arts and crafts,etc.
By negative thoughts I mean thinking that I cannot take the perfect photo's so why bother? But by thinking just snap and go and you have the memories that will last forever! Same goes into scrapping, quilting or whatever I do.
By MINIMIZING bad eating habits, I can live a more simplified life too!lol! I mean walking to the kitchen every time to have a nibble takes up much time,hey?
by MINIMIZING shopping, I can save money,YES!! Why not use what I have? Makes the journey more interesting not? I know it is way nicer to hit the shops now and again, but you end up in buying stuff you don't really need. I can think of food,we buy in bulk, because we "SAVE" but in the end of the week, all that was fresh has gone bad, so when you have to throw it all out...where is the "SAVE" I want to know?
By SIMPLIFYING my life,it means I should de-clutter. Whether it is in my mind or in my house. This year I want to live easier,by saying that I mean do more,to SIMPLIFY my life.
I can do a few small things like:
Put my car keys on the same spot every time, no more looking for the keys!
By ironing every day's little bits, I won't have to stand one whole day doing that!
By planning my menu for the week, I won't waste time thinking what to cook.
Planning quick trips in advance I won't end up driving around the whole day.
So it all comes to planning,something that does not really exist in my life, but soon will! oh YES!

By setting CHALLENGES and GOALS for myself this year, I WILL end up living SIMPLIFIED in 2012!
And by shortening this post I will end up minimizing YOUR time to read my babble!LOL!!

Have a GOOD DAY!


  1. Good word Tania...we tend to make things more complicated than what we need to.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2012.

  2. This post brought a smile to my face! Great words and great thoughts - simplifying sounds like a great idea! I have all sorts of little rules for myself like putting my car keys straight into my handbag so they don't get lost etc and those little things really help me not waste time and get more done = more efficient!!