Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On my way back!!

Hallo Everybody!
I am still alive!lol!! for those thinking I left earth,no I am still here!!
LIFE just got in the way of me and my computer.
My husband had leave for more than an month, I just quickly updated my mails and sneaked in a comment here and there, the rest of the time we spend with him.  He is back at work now, but I went to him twice already, so I was away from home again.
This term was hectic!! My word!! Matric allover again!! Megan is studying and working very hard to keep her grades up to standard,she already applied at two universities for next year's studies. It was track and field season , the hockey started at the same time. I had to help out at my mom's house, since she was a bit ill, but is better now.
I did work on some quilts and crocheting, will upload after Easter.
Hope you are all still well and I promise to pop in real soon.


  1. Glad to hear you are still around. I think we all deserve to have time away from the pc... family (and "real" life) take precedence!

  2. Always love catching up with your life! I did remember hubby was at home so knew u would be taking time off.
    Thanks for my blog comments today.
    Good luck with all as u do seem so busy right now.

  3. Busy, busy lady. It would be great to have you back again.

  4. Glad that all is well with you :)