Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Time for a {photoshoot}

So my blogging has been like allover the place lately,but hey, I am still well and kicking. A while ago a friend of mine asked to take some photos of Megan, she came all the way from Pretoria, we went on a road trip to take these, there are quite a
 few,will share some more...later:)
We are busy with matric farewell dressmaking,found a very good designer, out of town and we are positive the outcome will be stunning:) First fit...this coming weekend!
I am busy with a Magic tiles quilt, and two crocheted blankets in progress...
I am back at spinning...FULL FORCE!!!  Must admit that I was a bit lazy lately.
Well then, since it is wayyyy past my bedtime...you have a good one:)


  1. That WAS waaaay past your bedtime! What were you up to so late?! Hope you are well!! Stunning photos and good luck with the dress - can't wait to see :) :)

  2. Your daughter is beautiful as always. I have also taken a break from blogging for two months but I am now back.