Monday, January 14, 2013

Sneaking back in...the start of new horizons for my daughter.

It has been a long time. But I am back, with lots of time on my hands.
After the Big move that is. My daughter is leaving for the city,to start her studies as First Year. She will be studying Accounting Science, since she wants to become a Charted Accountant.
She got 4 distinctions in her final exams and we are awaiting 3 re-marks. We are so very proud of her,she showed so much commitment during her schoolyears and we know that she will continue the hard work and dedication. She is already exited for the new life she is going to start,mom on the other much to get use to. We already have 99% of her things together,and a empty wallet after all of!!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years,I hope to post here more often.


  1. All the best to your beautiful and bright daughter....cant believe how time has flown and now she is off spreading her wings.
    Mommy its going to be hard as your only kind to yourself as you grieve that your baby has moved on.

  2. It has been long. Welcome back. So bly jou dogter het haar planne agtermekaar en ek is seker dit kan net goed gaan met daardie slimkoppie.

  3. Wow very cool that you are back in the bloggy world!! also congrats to you and your daughter on all her success and the new venture she is starting this year :-)
    looking forward to hearing more...

  4. I know the feeling of an empty wallet! I leave tomorrow to get mine back to uni in her new car and settled into her new apartment!! Congratulations on Meg's results - wow!!!