Thursday, December 3, 2009

Toooo Long!! So Sorry!!

Ok, I have been a real baaad blogger, lately, I am so sorry, I have been enjoying all of your blogs,though.
The past week or two was just a bit hectic and on a low at the same time, but here I am!!
Today, we took some photos in the garden, of the two girls in a tub(with their costumes,ok!)
I emptied a whole bottle of foam bath in the tub and they also had some bubble fun!
Never too big for some bubbles,hey??

Eventually,they got out and took the dog for a bath too, unfortunately I could not take pictures,she was out of the water too quickly.

So what is happening in the home of the Van Rooyen's??

Within a week or so, it will be my Birthday!! No plans yet, cannot decide whether I want to have a party or not??

Next week the school will be handing out the results of the last exams,cannot wait to see the marks!

Megan is now wearing a "MOONBOOT" still struggling with her foot.

Still two weeks, then the spinning studio will be closing for the holidays.

Tomorrow it is my best friend Thania's birthday, we are taking her out for lunch.

We are planning to have our house painted this coming week, only the inside and Megan's room.

Want to green in the living room, but I am a bit scared that it might me a too drastic change, something like a olive green.

Well, this is all from me now, hope you enjoy your evening, sleep tight and have sweeet dreams:)


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  1. I forgotten you its been such a long time you blogged...LOL, kidding now.

    Love the fun photo's of the girls....
    You have a busy time ahead of you...enjoy the sun and summer, think of me in cold and miserable Germany.

  2. Sjoe, you have such a long and busy to do list. Love those photos.

    BTW my maiden name is Van Rooyen:)

  3. I've got one green wall in my living room - it's a sage green by plascon and really very nice.

    We start painting the outside of our house on monday - i so hope i've chosen the right colour!

    Lovely pics!

  4. Good to hear from you again & have a catch-up! Those photos are seriously cute & what a great idea! I love the old-fashioned look that the sepia has created. They will look great on a shabby chic layout I'm sure ;-D What is on your birthday wishlist? Sorry about Megan's foot - it is a pain I know but eventually it will be all better. I absolutely LOVE the idea of the green in the lounge - just be brave & go for it! We need a before & after photo!

  5. thanks for the comments you all, helen, about the wishlist,still busy making that up,LOL!! i think it will be something for the house though, i am over the thing of a gift for ME only,but will c.

  6. Love the pics! What a great idea for some vintage photos!