Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yesterday,in the mail(edited)

Hallo, everybody.
I went to the postbox yesterday and was over the moon about this one envelope,inside.
At Pages in Time I have a few friends, one named Jennifer Cassista.
I started a discussion, trading Christmas cards, I got a few addresses, so I swapped them, this is the one I got!!

Love this envelope,full of stamps, they are soooo cute!! Lots of them,hey??

And the card, handmade and aaaaall the way from Canada!!
I am so excited!!
I sent off 3 cards, hope they reach their destination!!
Thanks Carol for the hint, never thought of that!!
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  1. Looks lovely Tania! I am not a cardmaker so will opt out of this one for now thanks, got a gazillion photos still to scrap!