Sunday, November 7, 2010

Something is better than Nothing{@ sixteen you u are still my cupcake.}

Hallo you girls!!
Hope you had a great weekend.
I have not posted anything, once again, but now I thought something is better than nothing.
Did this layout, last night, used Kaiser craft paper and some odds and ends of embellishments.

This is what is going on in my life lately:We are organizing the school's trip for the athletes going to America! Yes Megan will be going to America next year March/April for 3 weeks.
She is also playing for trials for the under 18 North West Hockey team, this is tough, since she is only 16, but until now she is still in the group.
Me, I was recommended to go for an Insulin Intolerance Test,been feeling tired lately and getting bad headaches, after eating things like fruit, which is high in sugar.
Well, it is almost Christmas once again, I cannot believe this, we were still celebrating soccer the other day!
I have been reading A mother's Hope by Francine Rivers and got my hands on the second one, A Daughters Dream, BEAUTIFUL. I must admit this book is keeping me from doing a lot of things, but I am almost done.
I also realised this weekend, that when you fell of the blogging wagon, it is HARD to get up again, but with enough inspiration, you can do it!
I was reading through some blogs and I got some of it back, by reading the blogs of Helen, her scrapping is out of this world, then receiving a lovely comment from Pearl and finally, checking out the blog from Lynette, drooling over her new scrap room, thanks for your inspiration girls!
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  1. yay, you're back! Wondered where you were.

    I am dying to read the Francine Rivers series - waiting for my turn in bookclub - i believe it is outstanding.

    Well done to Megan, gosh that is exciting news.

    Have a good week. xxx

  2. Welcome back.
    I also read and enjoyed A Mother's hope. Am hoping the next one has been bought for book club tonight.]I need something positive to read about.

  3. Aaaw thanks for the shout out sweetie - I have been working hard at it lately so that means so much to me! Have been missing you madly...really...only one you & you have been missed! Gosh you have been busy though - congrats to Megs on it all - yup falling off the bloggy wagon makes it hard to jump back on again. I see a lot of people post every week or two but I work hard to keep it up otherwise I kinda feel like I don't know how to slide back in again. Lovely layout & you scrapped! Great!!

  4. It was hard getting my mojo back, but the challenge over at personal scrapper got me going. Thank you for the compliment regarding my scraproom.

    Well done to Megan and I hope you get your energy levels normal again soon.