Sunday, December 12, 2010

Update{birthday lunch}

Hallo everybody!
Yet again, long time, no blogging.
This was the day we had today, RAINY, the whole morning till after 3 the afternoon.
And to top it all, I had my Birthday lunch.
I am only having my birthday tomorrow, but had the lunch today,
because of the Monday.
I was very bad, by not taking much photos.
But on my menu:
Barbecued Chicken
Pasta salad, normal screwed noodles with a VERY nice curry sauce.
Potato salad, with mustard dressing with added bacon and egg.
Greek salad.
Bread, which was little Garlic Balls,lovely.
For desert, I made little meringue nests, filled with cream cheese and berry filling, bite sized sponge cakes,covered in cream and white chocolate dressing.
I also made a very GOOD tasting punch, consisting of lemonade, berry juice, champagne and pieces of apple and berries.
We all had a great time and I received some very nice gifts.

Well, NO, I do not have a wish list for tomorrow, how bad is that??Huh?
I will wait for the surprise, although we did take off to a very nice shopping spree at the China Mall in Johannesburg, I am telling you, there you can shop until you drop!!!
OK, but this is just a short post, telling you that I am still alive, I will have to post some pis soon.
Enjoy your evening:)
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  1. Hope you have a fantastic Birthday! I love the China Mall - my favourite place to shop at the moment.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday!!! Do we get to know how young you are?!? I love the rainy days here - cools down the humidity - but sometimes it's too much if we have to drive in it hey?! So let us know whatcha got...

  3. I think i'm a day late?


    Hope you were spoilt spoilt by your hubby and daughter.

    But pics we want to see!

    Lots of love xxx

  4. Happy birthday my friend...I hope you had a wonderful time and that your new year will be blessed.