Friday, November 19, 2010

Some Christmas Jewelery{and some chatter}

I decided for this year's Christmas I will include some handmade gifts too. I saw this idea in a local magazine and decided to give it a go. This is my first bracelet watch:)
 I also finished this necklace last night, purple is not my favorite colour, but it is SO trendy this season:)
Yet again, it is so easy to please a lady with some gifts, but the men remain a problem for me.

We had some lovely rain, the past two days.
The sky is still packed with clouds, so maybe some more later today:)
My Megan is finished with her exams, she only had to write 3 subjects, the other lot she graduated, no need to write them, this only happens in grade 10.
She got invited by a friend to join them for a 10 day holiday in Cape Town, hubby and I agreed that she could go, BUT this will fall in Christmas time:( She will not be here then. . . It is hard, but I want her to have some fun too, during the holidays. Some people might disagree, but I always try never to stand in front of her, but behind her, she is growing up and I should let go, slowly but surely.
Enough of that.
You all, have a great weekend and make sure to add some CREATIVITY!!


  1. Love that bracelet - it is gorgeous.

    As for Megan not being with you over Christmas - i know the feeling, it is horrid. Every 2nd year my eldest goes to her family in CT and it kills me!

  2. Lovely bracelet.
    The weather here has been so flipping hot, I haven't been enjoying it at all. My children started exams today only.
    I would struggle to let my children be so far away over Christmas, thankfully my time for that has yet to come.

  3. Lovely bracelet!

    I always want my children and grandchildren with me over Christmas...I don't think it is going to come together this year...and that is sad.

  4. Wow that jewellery is great - I had no idea you could bead - I have always wanted to learn but no way am I adding to my stash by taking up another hobby as I don't have any more storage space ;-D I agree 100% with your attitude with Megan. That is what paernting is all about - letting go - from as soon as they arrive - it's not easy but I also let mine be as free as possible - Jack is also having 6 nights in CT but before Christmas - over Christmas would be hard to swallow but if it's that or nothing just embrace it & enjoy it as a couple - heck you could even go stay in a B&B & really indulge!

  5. This is a demand for an update LOL!! xxx