Wednesday, May 4, 2011

She is back and ENJOYED every minute!!

Megan and friends are back from the USA! And YES!! Apparently ALL is better over there;);)
They were welcomed by mountains of snow,but they got their hands on some Starbucks:)  The tour started off in Salt Lake City,home of Scrapbooking YES! She says the people were sooo very nice,three of them stayed with a family which has 6 kids already!

 They got a chance to go to school with them and also atttended a Spanish and Music Class. It is just like on the movies mom!! The canteen, the girls all of it!!LOL!! Oh and don't forget the FOOTBALL TEAM, they are there too!! And the Cheerleader GIRLS and they ARE pretty!!

 And the yellow school busses. . . YES it is for REAL!! Most of the time they had to wear their school's labelled wear,which made dressing real easy.

 In total on her camera, she took 1800 pictures, I will not bore you with it all!!
 They enjoyed playing in the snow, they went skiing, incredible she tells me! They also went to Utah,Jackson, Wyoming and Rock Springs.

They took part in three track events, she came first and third and fourteenth!! The last event was a total of 53 schools!! She says it is huge and VERY cold, they bought a tent to sit in, just to keep warm, there is no program, they just go down the list of different items and you must wait! She came fourteenth out of a group of 97 girls in the 800m event.

 Love this photo, looks like a Winter Woolies shoot!!LOL Some of the girls posing:)

They got to go to East High, YES, the school of High School Musical,special moment. Everything is there, the lockers, the stage, just as it is.

Now, this was their favorite snack!!  Frozen yoghurt!! They had lots of it, all flavours and colours you can imagine.  Like I said there are plenty of photos, I will make some collages to post, much easier to tell the tale. They made a visit to Hollywood and Vegas, also the Grand Canyon and Disney Land!
For now, this is what I am sharing, sorry I have been so quite. Hope you are having a lovely day!


  1. Firstly, am sure you are so happy to have her back home with all you going to hear is * in america they do this, in america they do that...LOL
    My daughter still does that...they all come back from USA loving it there.
    I have to be honest I loved it as well when I visited.
    Love the photo's, can see she had a wonderful time and such an amazing experience.

  2. I loved the USA too and would love to visit again.
    Great post, loved the glimpse into her trip.

  3. Never mind her being back - nice to hear from you again!!!

    Looks like she really had an amazing trip. So great that at her age she is already seeing what the 'outside' world has to offer x

  4. We missed you! So glad Megan is back now we might just hear more from you too. So glad she enjoyed her time in the USA.

  5. HI Tanja, its been a while we chatted but have to re-organize everything here on my computer as I got a new IMAC and EVERYTHING is different to my old pc.... So every day I learn a little more and - wow - I finally came back to your blog :)
    HOw I would have loved to get the chance for a visit in a foreign country when I was a pupil. What an experience it must be. Jealous ( a little) about that but this is what children will never forget - getting the chance from their parents to do that.

  6. Send me a What's App when you post will you! Will be easier for me to keep up with you as I don't have a list in my blog 'cos it's got so darn long lol!! Wow what a wonderful holiday & all such fun for all the girls. And she did SO WELL I must say :) and yes, some things look better in the USA, but they also have the "Jerry Springer" types in abundance & the high school shootings, etc, so the grass isn't always only greener :)

  7. LOL....I would have to agree with her on that one....the US is amazing. The only place i would consider moving to would be the US.
    Love the pics!