Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just didn't want to bore you>

So I have not been blogging.
I have not been Scrapping.
No mosaicing.
Only a little bit of quilting.
Took hold of my camera a week ago for the first time in a long time.
I am exercising very half hearted, the same in cleaning the house, so I am also picking up the kilo's!
Why??? For the first time in my life, I can actually say I am in a hole and I know what it feels like.
So I thought why bore you with my everyday of doing NOTHING??
I never thought this thing with my husband working away from home, would make me feel this way, I mean so many people are doing it and are coping really well. Are we so tied to the hip, that I can't go without him at all?? Or am I just feeling sorry for myself? Or maybe feeling sorry for him more, knowing that he is ALL by himself during the evening, at least I have my parents and my daughter.  But still I have this feeling of NOTHING inside of me. I get up every morning with the intention to grab the day!! Doing everything! When I find myself I am sitting, sulking,doing NOTHING.
To top it all... my best friend and I had huge fight, caused by somebody else, but still I felt betrayed and I want her to take my side, she didn't.
What else??
My computer broke! I must have closed the screen onto something, so the screen cracked!! Great,huh??
Megan is busy writing exams,she is studying very hard, shame poor child, here I am complaining about EVERYTHING!!
So, as I told dear Helen, I am still alive, I just need to get grip on myself!!
Have yourself a wonderful evening:)


  1. Hallo Tania, I feel for you. I am desperately hanging on by the tips of my fingers, trying not to fall into that hole with you. I feel so stupid, because my DH survived his heart attack and here I am feeling sorry for myself. Crazy huh?
    I don't know if I would survive my hubbie being away for work for a long period of time, just don't know how you guys do it.
    Hope you feel better real soon and start creating again. I always fins creativity helps me a lot.
    Will remember you in my prayers.
    Sending cyber hugs.

  2. Hello, quick reply to the msg left in my blog. Am away in Berlin till Wednesday! Will be in touch again, if I forget as very busy at the moment with my daughter here, remind me to send my pin number to u.

  3. Miss T.... I'm sending you a big Scrappy, Cyber HUG and hoping that despite the cold your days turn to sunshine and laughter! You couldn't' bore us with your thoughts... that's what blogging is all about. Chin up!!

  4. Hi Tania,

    I was thinking of you the other brother in law has been in Africa for a few weeks now, made me think of you! You are out that way right?

    Take care, it's hard to be away from your husband, take time for yourself, now's the time to get some projects done :)

  5. Oh dear sweet Tania this doesn't sound good at all!! So sorry my sweets. Life is tough sometimes but we can never get back lost time so you do need to set yourself goals & work towards them every day, whether it be taking a spinning class, doing a scrapbook page or the house, ironing, etc. I am so sorry you have to go through this separation but the more you busy yourself the faster the time will go & with bbm at least you & hubs can stay in regular contact :)

  6. Jammer ek het hierdie blog post gemis. Ek hoop jy voel al beter. Jy moet jou dae volmaak sodat jy nie eensaam voel nie.


  7. Oh Tania ! I had no idea either ! Sure do feel for you , hun !!! Big hugs !!!

    I get by with lots of spiritual fortifying at ! & sometimes creative therapy helps too - especially cardmaking ! & always looking out trying to do good for someone else on a daily basis can add up.