Monday, September 5, 2011

Kruger in Photo's

I know I have been sharing quite a lot of these photo's @ the Kruger,but I am in awe each time we pay the park a visit. We saw beautiful game, elephants,bucks, hienna, rhino{with a horn},lots of crocs, but did not add those{sorry}I have so many and don't want to drag the post. We had to overnight outside the park, since all the camps were fully booked. We stayed at the Protea hotel next to the Kruger Gate. We enjoyed a delicious buffet in the evenings, all together with some lovely wine, me and hubby,Megan had a cross-country race and had to study, so she stayed with grannie. We drove back to Steelpoort via Sabie and Lydenburg in such bad mist, I was terrified. But all in all a lovely unforgettable weekend.


  1. Whenever I read one of these photo posts I realize again how blessed we are to live in such a beautiful country.

  2. BEAUTIFUL photos - looks like you had an amazing stay!! And at least you had a bit of one on one hubby time :)