Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Some {Productiveness}

Ok, so this is what I am busy with. A part of block three of my Autumn House quilt. I am a little behind on my schedule, but am busy picking up the pace.

I finished this bag, sorry for the pics on the grass, but they are busy installing blinds in my house. I made this bag with cotton twine, I bought on huge roll of this and then mixed it up with a local brand of cotton. I just love this and hope that I will find more of Vinnis colours here in town. It is a 100% cotton yarn. 

Then, block two of my Autumn house quilt.

And block one. I am not so much into the embroidery side of the quilting business, will have to learn a few stitches, but for now back stitching will have to do.lol!!

And YES, I am already building up some stash!

This is latest range from DA Gama.  All the way from Cape Town, another local manufacturer! yay to that! 

I bought the whole range, but only in quarters, so when I decide what I will be making out of these, then will I buy the background, which is usually more.
Tomorrow I am off to my quilting group in Hartebeespoort Dam, lovely group of ladies and of course we always share some cake and coffee!


  1. The patches you've shown here are simply gorgeous.
    I wish I had learnt to sew when my kids were small.

  2. You are staying super busy Tania...thank you for showing us your projects.

  3. Wow you are really a lady of so many talents!! love the quilting :-)

  4. Wow I am seriously impressed! Just love the bag & the house blocks are amazing - gorgeous fabrics too!!