Sunday, September 25, 2011

Matric farewell {photoshoot}

Ok, this did not go as planned, for many reasons. My very good friend Helen gave me some great tips, but for the following reasons they did not all go according to plan:
First of all, the girl and guy were not a couple,making the romantic type of photo's impossible,I thought they were.
Then I tried out a new lens, a 50mm Nikon fixed lens, when you are use to zoom and focus you now must move closer or away from your subject all the time, BUT you do get clearer photo's in the end. They were in  a bit of a rush.
I am quite pleased with the family photos, though.
And from the beginning, although it is a friend of mine, I was VERY nervous about the whole thing.  So here a few of them.
And for the next time...I don't know, maybe I will stick to outdoor wildlife photo's and my MAIN subject Megan!


  1. I think you did a great job.
    I am looking at increasing my lens by that one too, thankx for the recommendation.

  2. Gorgeous Array of photo's.......
    You have done a Gr8 job!!!
    THANKS for your lovely comments on my Blog!!

  3. You did a fine job!! I love the one of them with the tree - I recently got the 50mm 1.4 & can't wait to trial it for a portrait shoot - I know what you mean about no zoom though - that's weird - I've tried that once before...

  4. It looks great...I am sure you were just a bit nervous.

  5. I also struggled with that lens ~ I went straight back to my Sony's 85mm lens as its is so much brighter than the Nikon's 50mm or I'm doing something wrong.
    You did a good job, more of them are great so you luck...