Monday, December 5, 2011

**Cake for my friend**

Long time no blogging...
It was a busy month.
We took a week off and went to Cape Town, sooooo lovely, but it was too short,but March is around the corner.
My best friend has her birthday today, so I baked her this cake yesterday, I am so proud of the final result.
I used a chocolate mud cake recipe and topped it with strawberries, which I brought with me on the plane on Saturday, just to make it a bit more special;)and then made the border with wafer biscuits which i dipped in chocolate. So happy birthday to my friend!! Not the best photo,but just took it in a jiffy;)
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  1. This cake looks wonderful, why don;t I have friends that make me cake like this?

  2. Was just thinking the same thing - I need you here in March!! stunnnnnnnning....

  3. will have to make a plan then;)