Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Look,FINALLY!!

Finally I have a new look for my little blog.
I met this kind friend in Blog world,Alicia,she did all this for me in the blink of an eye;)
Thank You so much for you kindness and patience.
We are worlds apart,but yet it was so easy to communicate.
I am SUPER busy!
Had 3 orders on number 99 for Christmas cookies.
I baked my own Birthday cake, will share that soon.
I had my birthday yesterday,my husband traveled all the way to come and surprise me for the day and drove back this morning. I will be visiting him this weekend.
In between I have the normal everyday things to do.
I also have to help my mother,since her leg has a serious fracture that just would not heal,helping her with cleaning and cooking.
Our studio is closing tomorrow for the holidays,shweee, that will be a good thing or a VERY bad thing.

         ************************Have a lovely evening*************************


  1. oh, Happy Birthday! you didn't tell me it was your birthday!!!

    no...thank you for your patience, it's been hard not having internet :) for things like blogs and pinterest!

  2. Hey, sorry I've been so quiet!! love the new look - and happy new year!!

  3. Helloooooo!!! Love the new look and just in time for the new year ;-)

  4. Your bloggy look is lovely! Phew hope December got a bit quieter for you after all that!!