Friday, February 12, 2010

Just little things

Well, today is Saturday. What will it bring??

I woke up just after 6 this morning(that is late for me!!) waited up for Megan until 2 this morning, for the one bus they left with for athletics to Potchefstroom, was without lights!! He actually drove that way for half an hour, can you believe it??

Dragon is doing ok, he is eating very well, BUT I now start to wonder if he will ever be able to use his back legs again?

It is Valentines day tomorrow! Are you all planning something special? Don't know yet, I am not really into the Valentines day, why wait for a certain day to give flowers and cards and chocolates??

The heat here is terrible, it is draining all of my energy, we do have aircons, but with all the 4 legged children, I can not keep the doors closed for the whole day.

I don't know why, but I want to make fudge today, not that I am a big fudge eater, just want to make some, love the smell of it, while boiling.
Have a great weekend,relax and have fun!


  1. We are having a Valentines Ball, a benefit organised by Woolworths for the Mission. Hopefully it will put me in better spirits:)

    Enjoy the fudge making. My DD has a lovely recipe she makes in the microwave oven.

  2. Hello there Tania

    Gosh without lights!!!!!!!!
    I would complain...why wait for an accident to happen before one does something about that...its after all people's lives at stake.

    We have no plans for Valentines either, I know we will be going to the gym and hoping we sit down to breakfast together, we never eat together this will be special for us.

  3. So, did you make the fudge? I made caramel choc tart. and licked some of the bowl!

    Thank you for my LO - received it yesterday. Everyone who has seen it thinks it is gorgeous. Even my eldest commented how nice it was to see someone else scrap my pics, because you have used completely different colours and detailing.

    I love it.

  4. Have a happy weekend Tania! Did you get your kit okay? We celebrated early & went out for dinner last night! Very delicious it was too...prawns...mmmm...I think Valentine's day is a great idea, just like a birthday & Christmas, while every day is great it's also nice to dedicate one special day to our spouse. I think all the rest of it is commercial nonsense - I make DH a card every year & buy him some special chockies...I'm with you on the heat is so debilitating at this time of the year - I think we just have to accept that our productivity is at an all time low! That said I have to FORCE myself to keep going during the week & showering in between work sessions!