Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Update AND Layout

Hallo all my bloggy friends:)
Hope that you all are doing well and having a SUPER day!!
I made this layout for a Scrap lift challenge over at PIT.
Took the photos at the Pilditch Stadium in Pretoria on Saturday.
I am very proud of my little{yes, to me, she is still little:)}girl, she did so well on Saturday.

On another note, I have some sad news: On Saturday, while in Pretoria, something terrible happened. My poor little bearded dragon got hurt in his cage very badly. He was sitting on his big rock like always, when the Reptile light, with the fitting came loose and fell on him. When we got home I saw it immediately as I walked in, he was lying under his little fountain all shrinked-up. I took him out, made him a warm beanie bag and put him on that, he was ok, for that moment. You can see that his little back got hurt very badly, and his back legs are only dragging along. So put him back in his cage, without the lid, for the night, Sunday morning 3 "0" clock I got up, to check on him:( He was lying on his back,legs in the air, in the saucer of the fountain, I left him there for dead, woke up my husband and just cried,cried,cried. I went to search for a little box, to proceed with the funeral, BUT as soon as I touched him. . . .HE BREATHED!!!!

Took him out again, in a little basket with warm beanie. Nursed him for the whole day.
He is still in pain, I can see that, but the lady at the pet shop said I must give him 2weeks to recover. He ate his cricket last night and Butternut Purity twice a day:)

I feel a bit more energised this week, decided to do only 2 classes per day. Still rough, in this morning's class, I burnt 2464 kilojoules!! My friend,Thania gave the class and she was on a HIGH!!

Shayne and Marcelle, your parcels are on their way:)

I am off to the shower now, going to the school's swimming gala.

Have a fantastic day!!



  1. Thanks...I will let my DIL know to expect it and keep it for me.

    I agree..your daughter will always be your little girl!!! Mine is 31 and still my little girl...LOL

  2. Soooooooo sorry to hear about your baby...I do hope Draggy recovers soon ;-( Poor little creature!

  3. How many calories???!!!! WOW! that's high energy! I do about half an hour every second day, of low impact low aerobic, hehe...
    shame hope dragon better soon
    well done to your daughter
    hope you enjoyed the gala