Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Mouthfull.

Once again, the school had a ball on Thursday evening, the Valentines Ball.
Had this dress made for my Megan. BUT, let me tell you the story, in short.
I phoned around, for prices on dressmaking, for the lady that always helps me, was on holiday.
We have a shop, where we can rent a dress, for R600 and then, you must give it back. I got a number from a friend, phoned and she quoted me R1800!! For a cocktail dress, for a girl in school, a dress that she probably only wear once(or twice)
I went to the material shop, asked around and the lady referred me to a man, a African man in his late fifties, he came to the shop, assisted me with the material, which cost me R142.00
Can you believe it, and the work on this dress is amazing, you can actually wear it inside out, that is how neatly it is done.

Ok, this little guy went for a groom on Friday, today he still has his little bow on his head!LOL!!

Made fudge, again, but I will give this to a friend at spinning, who is going to hospital and the rest to the family.

I also baked a very delicious carrot cake!!
So much for exercising!
Ag, I only had a small piece.
We had athletics on Friday, the school did very good. Megan got a first place on the 800m and a second place on the 1500m. So proud of her. Had friends over on Saturday and just chilled on Sunday. Also did some shopping{scrapping of course!} will show another time.

Enjoy your evening and have a blessed week!!
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  1. what a cute little dress.

    she is a beautiful young woman that daughter of yours.

    and that cake looks divine - a carrot cake is something i am yet to bake, can you believe it?

  2. Megan looked stunning in that dress.

    If you make that "lekker" goodies I can see why you need to go spinning:)

  3. WOW, pity the dressmaker is not anywhere near me!! It might be worth my while to fly him in if need be!! The dress is gorgeous and so is the photos - bet you cant wait to scrap those!!!

  4. Megs looks absolutely gorgeous...I am SURE that the young men will be flocking around her given half a chance! Is she at a co-ed school? What happened about all the school dramas? Well done on her achievements with the athletics. Glad the foot has healed up so well. I have my own sad tale re: Chelsea's matric dance dress. We were quoted R1650 then R950 so went with the R950 & spent R500 on exquisite beaded fabric because we were still within our budget, only to be phoned to say that the quote had changed to R1600!!! We have to accept it (but not without a fight - that I lost...) because I've spent 4 weeks on this mission & no more time to waste. Could make it myself if I had the time...

  5. Forgot to say - who's gorgeous doggy is that?!?

  6. i wish i could make dresses, would save me so much time and money!!the doggy is mine, old Grumpy, he is already 9 years old;)i decided to put the school drama's behind us and just carry on, she must do what she does best and only for herself and ALWAYS be thankful to God for all her talents.thanks for your lovely comments on her dress.Hmm, no, just a normal high school,not private.

  7. such fabulous pics here !!!! & that dress would be a steal definitely compared to renting one !

    I wonder if I can interest you on a little project , Tania :

    I would love to scrap 2-3 pics of you and/or your beautiful family ( to use up stash on my end ! ) & I would love to have them mailed to you when I'm finished ! ;)

    No worries if it doesn't interest you.

    you can email me at too.


  8. Hi Tania! wow love the dress, cute doggie!!, the fudge~ oh man I want some, you spin to - super cool and carrot cake is one of my faves!! Glad to meet you!!!