Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thoughts . . .

Today, as always thoughts are all mixed in my head. I really have a pre-occupied mind;)

But this is what I am thinking:

I am thankful today, for so many things:
A loving husband{cannot imagine my life without him}
A daughter who I can hug and kiss whenever I want{sometimes even wrestle on the bed}
Parents who love us so dearly and who is living right next to me{our little house is never left alone}
Friends i made in Blogland{even though we don't see or speak to each other in "real"life} I love you all!:)
Health{even though i am still low on energy}i am still healthy.
The rain that is falling down on our HOT earth today{hope those in need of some rain will get some soon}
And then, for all of the above, I want to thank my Almighty God.
Thanks for visiting and letting me share

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  1. If we reflect...there is always so much to be grateful for.