Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our weekend{action pics}

This past weekend we were in Bloemfontein.  Megan represented the North West Province at the South African Biathlon and Biathlo Championchips.  The difference between the two events is that in the Biathlon, you get awarded points, you run in the morning, 1500m and swim in the afternoon, 100m. With the Biathlo, it is an endurance race, you run 1500, swim 200m and run another 1000m's.
In the first event Megan came 18th overall, she took part in the age group 19-26, it was a hard race.

The photos on this post, I took myself at the endurance race, here she came 8th overall. She struggles with her swimming, she only started swimming last year November, she ran infront the whole race, but they caught her in the pool. After the race we left Bloemfontein, to Volksrust, we had to take her there for a hockey tournament, she is only coming back on Thursday.  She phoned me yesterday, after playing a match, she was player of the match!!{so very,very proud of her}
Hubby and I left Volksrust to go to Newcastle to visit my uncle and aunt, we took off again, yesterday morning, arrived back home at 3 in the afternoon.  The roads were hectic, wet and we passed 2 serious accidents.
Other than that we attended a Easter Mass in Bloemfontein at the Vodacom Stadium, it was lovely.
I hope you all had a great Easter Weekend.
Thanks for popping by.


  1. Great action photo's you took of your very talented and beautiful daughter...amazing talent she has and to be so active at her age where other teenagers are wanting to drink, smoke and party.
    You a very bless mom....xx

  2. Lovely photo's mom. I always take my camera when DD does sport, but get so involved that I forget to take pictures. Thank goodness for professional photographers.

  3. Great photography...your daughter is a sport star!...and you're a proud mama!

  4. Wow ! indeed a sports star she is , your Megan ! I think my Dd would love to know her ! lol

    what a busy sporty weekend !!!

    p/s : I think I will get around to the post office next week at the earliest . ;)

  5. Really great pics.

    QUite the athlete you have there!

  6. Hi Tania

    I trust your weekend went well !

    I'm afraid I tagged you - details on my blog -

    & only if you're up to it ! ;)