Thursday, March 25, 2010

In short

Ok, {breath. . .}This was bad.
Last week Thursday, Megan got verbally attacked by the mother of a jealous friend.
She was quite traumatised by the whole situation, but eventually today,I solved the problem at school{this happened on the school's property}
The mother made her daughter the innocent victim, but as they say, the proof is in the pudding! She could not proof a thing wrong from my daughter's side, BUT me, I have the proof{see, I am one of those nosey mothers, I know what is going on, so I did some investigation and took it all to school} I promise you, I prayed and prayed this last week, I was actually on my knees, asking God to remove this {don't know what to call it,maybe devil himself} from our lives and today, while I was in the office of one of the deputies,my mind just cleared and we decided to rise above this whole situation.
Megan is a bit run down, feeling very tired{she cried this whole week}but she will be okay.

We have some good news!!
Tomorrow our very own Mr Price Sport is opening its doors,can't wait!
I did some scrappy shopping too, some Prima paper and Graphic 45,hmm. . .and some Kaiser,yummy!


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  2. I have this episode is something that Megan can move on from pretty soon . So sorry to hear about this .

    & that's sonme yummy stash shopping you have going on there - do check your inbox later ! ;)

  3. I am glad the problem was resolved...when our children do we.

  4. So glad you sorted the problem out. Many years ago a very wise, retired school principal that was helping out at our school, told me "if you don't stand up for your children, who will?" That has stayed with me and although I try not to meddle, I will not let people walk all over my children.

  5. I am very relieved for you that this whole drama is over. Amazing how nasty some people can be for no real reason.

    Good on you for stickin gup for Megan.

    Happy scrapping with all your new goodies!

  6. Grrr!!! Can you believe the nere of some moms! Attacking your poor girl right there on the school grounds! If I really feel that some kid offended my kid in a way serious enough for me to "meddle" in - I would contact their parents - not attack the kid! Poor Megan must've felt so defenseless! No wonder she cried all week long. Just so glad you could resolve the issue and good for you for haveing the evidence too! :)