Thursday, April 29, 2010

See You Sooon!!

Hallo everybody!
Life just got in the way a bit, the last few days,and my computer died a quick, but easy death on me!!LOL
I just popped by to tell you {HI} will be back soon, the past weekend, we had the Matric Farewell, will share the  pictures, we went away,also have pictures, I am currently running my friend's studio, she went off to do the Iron Man. Just a bit of running up and down, please don't forget to remember me!!LOL!!
I hope you are well.

And just because. . .another poem for you all!!

Life is a Garden
Life is a garden;  good friends are the flowers,
And times spent together life's happiest hours.
And friendship, like flowers, blooms ever more fair
When carefully tended by dear friends who care.
And life's lovely garden  would be sweeter by far
If all who passed through it were as nice as you all are.

Helen Steiner rice


  1. Ouch... not nice having your pc going belly-up. Good luck with that and all the other things going on.

  2. I will never forget you, how could I!!!
    So happy you popped around to say hello...HELLO...X