Saturday, May 1, 2010

From my balcony in Parys. . .

This is the pictures from the balcony,where we stayed the past long weekend. In Parys,in the Free State.
It is such a lovely and tranquil little place.
The ideal getaway, not far from us,about 200km.
This is a huge berrietree, in summer it is in full swing and full of the lovely little fruits.
Hubby, teaching the girls how to fish.
Megan,getting their sundowner spot ready,with drinks and treats to eat!!LOL!!
Hubby, fishing in full force, he caught a whole 9!!

Thanks for stopping by and having a peak!!


  1. Beautiful pics...and the weather seems to be perfect...thanks for the glimpse into your life.

  2. Looks so peaceful there, am sure you had a great family time...lovely photo's, love the first one with the reflections.

  3. Thanks for sharing your photos! Looks like paradise.