Friday, September 17, 2010

Latest layout{young love}

This is my latest layout. Was this a challenge!!
Have you ever started a layout and at the end feeling so mixed up??
I started off wanting to capture the colours of the photo, then I decided NO, tried to get the little bit of red in the green printed paper,NO, also not working, in the end,the result??
 A whole mixed up page, with the orange in the photo and the red in the paper!lol
I am seriously seeking some new stock! Urgently!! Any on-line stores in mind??
Have you seen the latest of Bo Bunny?? To die for!
The story of this layout:
Megan and her friend, Hanno, they have been friends since grade 8. Kind of dating,school love,what would you call it? But you get the picture? We really like the boy, but now Megan called it off!!
Can you believe it? For now obvious reasons, she says they just get along better, when they are just friends. Teens!!
Hope you enjoy the weekend!!


  1. I love your lo and the mixed up colours just the way it is Tania! The splash of colours agains the b/w bg looks stunning!

    If I can give my 2 cents worth - it may be the best thing ever to break up and just be friends. Young people shouldn't be attached to one person for too long. They have to explore otherwise they may end up regretting it later in life.

  2. I love that all mixed up layout there my friend. Looks perfect to me! They look cute together. Young Love - it's confusing for the kids but more confusing for the parents I reckon LOL! My daughter chose someone not of our choice who we ended up loving & now she has gone off him!

  3. i love all the little details on your layout , Tania ! we are usually our own worst critic ! lol !

    & that's a sweet story to share too ! & yes ! even for us here - most parents I dont think would encourage their 16 yr olds into a serious relationship .

  4. Love your layout... all the little bits come together and make it very cohesive... well done.... don't stress too much over the details... it will work in the end.

  5. Well done, this came together perfectly.