Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What I read. . .my share with you

I took this picture at the wrong time of day, but I heard this noise from my scraproom's window and went outside, at the back of our house, we have this tree bush, it is now full in bloom and full of bees, it was them, buzzing and zooming.

So, when I have the time, I read, many of the times I read magazines.
I bought the new Finesse and the Fitness magazines and in there I found this:
They say in the Fitness:
1 Piece of Cheesecake= 1hour and a half on the treadmill=600 calories
1 Big Mac, fries and a Coke= 6.1 hours on the treadmill=2200 calories
Cappuccino=31mins on the treadmill=190 calories
Mugg and Bean muffin=2 hours on the treadmill=700calories

In the Finesse I read:
1.  Change all Negative into Positive
2.  Say Thank You for EVERYTHING
3.  Do something special for someone and don't tell them about it
4.  Get enough sleep, even if it means you must take a cat nap in the afternoon
5.  Forgive someone, it takes up way too much energy to walk with anger.
6.  Forgive yourself, grief hurts the soul.
7.  Ask yourself: How important is it really?
8.  Remember to love somebody, does not mean JUMP, whenever they tell you to.
9.  Ask yourself: What can I do for somebody else?
10.  Laugh often, it makes you look younger and healthier.

And from me: HAVE A GREAT DAY!!


  1. Love it.
    great photo too, thanks for sharing.

  2. I love your photo! And LOL to that Fitness info...that would be the last time I bought that one hee hee...just stick to the HEAT - far more entertaining! Some good stuff in the other one....No. 10 is so true - I laugh a lot & it really is the best medicine. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love your photo...not much training for me this week...much to sick! So next week I will suffer all over again.