Sunday, September 12, 2010


Like I said in my previous post, we were going to the South African Cross Country Championships,this weekend.
What a huge event!  I could not believe my eyes,when I saw all the people, we have been there before, but this event for sure,has grown.
Megan, pulled away, in a group,consisting of a 144 girls!  They started from the one end of this rugby field, running across and then turn at the other end, that turn was a NIGHTMARE!
The other girls of the province would not give her space, to stand in front, so she was way back!! Can you spot her??

The track, to be honest, was another NIGHTMARE, it was the worst hills I have ever seen in Cross Country. Now, the thing is, my poor girl{or so I thought} is not made for hills, BUT she ran then up and down. I could not believe my eyes, I could not even take the photos, hubby had to help.
After the first lap, I was in tears, it was warm, it was hard, but she did so well!
She came in on number 23!! Out of 144!!
These runners are from allover the country.
Their team, North West, came 6'th,overall.
Megan came first of North West, so she is now Number One in North West!!
We are so very proud of her, I think she ran with her heart.
Don't exactly know what her body says here, but I think she was so very tired. She got up this morning, feeling very sore.
We left the venue,just after 3,coming home, we all felt tired.
On another note:
On Thursday morning, when I wanted to switch on my computer, it was DEAD!! I always dreaded that feeling, now it was here, what about all my things???
My husband took it to the nearest PC doc, who told him, that it had died a quick, painless death!!
Luckily, I don't know how, BUT they could recover most of my things, lost all my emails, and list of Favorite blogs, BUT now I will just have to take a few days to get them all again. How will I operate again?
Hubby spoiled me with a new Laptop, I could not believe it! I am now sitting with a pretty HP Probook.
I am still struggling to get it all up and running, but I am sure, with some time, behind it, all will be fine!!
It even has Blue tooth,lol!! That feature is quite cool,so says Megan.
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I am now off, to go check you all out!!


  1. I wrote this long comment and it got lost..going to test before I write it all over again....wait wait

  2. Congrats.
    That is fantastic.
    You must have been so proud of her.
    What an accomplishment!

  3. Fantastic news report on Megan! Loved the photo coverage & she has a great body on her. So youthful & strong. Do hope she is feeling less sore by now...Ooops it has been a week of computer deaths all round. Your hubby spoils you - sounds like you have a lovely replacement - hope you'll get your photos & documents restored this week. If you don't have an external hard-drive to back them up you must get one. I have just bought a really slinky looking portable one with a docking station so that I can remove it every night & take it to the bedroom with me {so that if we have a robbery in my studio I still have my back-ups!} andf my new pc is on order, just waiting for it to arrive so I can transfer everything back onto it. Will have to get used to Windows 7 now instead of XP. Have a good week XX

  4. Congrats on Megan's have all the right to be so proud of her.

    Thank goodness for wonderful husbands that love to spoil;-D

  5. congrats to Megan on the cross country race !! amazing she is !!

    & yeah ! hubby is fantastic quickly getting you a laptop replacement !!!