Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oooops;) Sneaking back in. . . .

Hallo Everybody!!
Just to let you know, that I AM still alive and well:
Hope you are doing as good:)
I had a busy week and I thought I will fill you in,in this post.

I am glad to announce, that SPRING has ARRIVED!! {or maybe summer}we are in the 30's already!
It is really warm during the day,but having a lot of dust,so now, the rain must please come.
I must admit,that it is easier to exercise in this weather, I do get up much easier;)
On Saturday, I ran my first 10km race, I finished in 1hour and 10minutes, I am happy, for I have not yet actually ran this year. . .
I got a medal and a t-shirt, will do the show-off tomorrow:)

I am currently helping Megan with a huge school project, in Art and Design. She must design and make her own handbag,now that is actually cool, but it goes along with a whole lot of other things,she needs to do a 2 page collage on what inspired her to do this bag, she must show all the mediums she used on the bag, she needs to take photos on the progress of the bag too! Quite a hectic one, but she is enjoying it, she learned to sew this weekend!!lol!!
This coming weekend, she is running the South African Cross Country championships.
Then on Monday, the exams are starting, she made the Top 15 in her grade, this term, so very proud of her!!
It is also my mom's birthday this weekend, need to think of a nice cake to make.

I will do my catch up on your blogs soooon!!, Sorry, I am so behind:)


  1. Well done to running 10km's. Good one you!

    And to Megan for reaching the top 15. clever lady. For some reason you have stopped showing up in my reader, not sure why. will have to reset it me thinks!

    Happy Thursday and have a good weekend.

  2. Hiya girl! Well done on your running! That is amazing!! Hope you are enjoying your weekend & Megan does well in the running too. Spring is indeed here too although today it has turned slightly chilly again. 17degrees & drizzling - but personally I love this weather & am happily blog-surfing in it - all cosy in the lounge ;-D Love the sound of the handbag project - hope you will photograph it & the inspiration boards for us to oogle at lol!