Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Best Friends of the Family{2 Page Layout}

I started with the single page thing a while ago, now a double page seems to be a challenge, I struggled to connect my pages to avoid looking like a school project, don't know if i succeeded?? I used odd photo's of the doggies, some of them got mist on, since they were sitting on my workspace, while doing another page!lol!!
We had some lovely rain, mother earth got cooled of very well, it was really sooo hot here!!
You have a super day!!
Thanks for coming by.
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  1. Very cute Tania...2 pagers has always been my favorite but lately I struggle to combine them. I have bought some super Allison Davis sketch books and now I find it so easy...all the heavy lifting is done by the sketches and I can just go for it.

  2. Well done on the double-pager! They are all the rage in CK again see but am just so loving the singles for the moment - a double seems like a chore! Love that you've connected the pages with the little Jillibean Soup tree houses ;-D

  3. Love both of your layouts! So happy to see you scrapping again!