Monday, November 15, 2010

Cutie{a layout for a friend} and something I could not resist

 I created this layout for my friend in Pretoria, she and her family came to visit one weekend and went through my photos and found this one. Once again, paper from out my archives and the flowers are just odd ones i bought at the craft shop, they were white,so i gave them some mist. Few Enmarc Rub-ons and there you go, my gift to her:)
Then, on another note, I went to buy some odds and ends at the Spar with my hubby today and as I passed, my eye caught this top or dress, whatever you want it to be! I just had to have it!! This little shop has got the most beautiful things and the creator of this dress is just so talented and very creative. She has got her own line of clothing, Viva la Vida. She has a contract with the shop, so she does not supply to the individual.
Hubby of course can't understand why we should pay so much for things like this.
But then again, the expression on my face: PRICELESS!!lol!!
Have a nice day!!


  1. I love the layout Miss T and that dress... to cute for words!

  2. Oh. my. goodness...that dress is to die for doll!!! Love it - would also pay xxx amount for something so vintage/artsy...LOVE that layout too - the white background is raaaaaaaawking & you did so well on it, love the corner rounding & all the white space - beautiful! Glad you are back here ;-D

  3. Very cute...the layout and the we want to see you in the dress.