Wednesday, January 19, 2011

10 Down, 2 to go!!

Looking at these photo's I can't believe that she has only 2 years left of school. Time for sure is flying by! I took these pictures, while lying on her bed,next to her desk,when she was doing some homework.
Grade 11 this year, I hope from the bottom of my heart that this will be HER year! It is a tough one, I know, but I do think she is prepared for what is coming her way.  Grade 10 was a hard year, emotionally, as she had this mother and daughter, which made her life a living hell, I promise you. Jealousy is a nasty thing, I must tell you!  But we are putting that behind us. The year has started in full swing and already she is starting extra maths classes.Her books are covered, her desk is cleaned out, ready for each day's homework.
 Tomorrow they are having their what you call "Groot Geraas"{Big Noise} which is the intro to their next day's in house athletics. Huge Fun!
She is also waiting to hear, whether she made the final under 18 North West Hockey team, they played the finals end last year.  In March the Athletics team will be touring America and guess what?? In June/July the First Hockey teams will be touring Argentina!! Ouch!! Our pockets!!lol!!  But we are waiting for some sponsors approval.{hold on to those thumbs}
I must admit, the middle picture, that is ME!! She really does look a lot like ME!!lol Anyways, I love this child with all my heart, we do share a special bond,we are really good friends and we do fight,oh yes!! We both are very!! I suppose Woman are stubborn!lol!!
And look at that! She can also multi-task, doing homework and working the cellphone! Always time to chat! 
What I actually want to say today is that I HOPE and PRAY that I will still live long to see this daughter of mine spread her wings and fly! She has accomplished so many things in her life already and I wish for her to do so in this year and the ones that lies ahead. Fly,fly, little one, spread your wings and fly!!


  1. Beautiful just like you.
    Best of luck for those sponsors.
    My oldest is in Matric this year, and I am battling to come to terms with that.

  2. Lovely photos.

    They grow so fast, dont' they? I can definately see a very strong resemblance to you.

    good luck with the year, hope the sponsorships come through and that it is most definately 'HER' year. xx

  3. Oh wow, great post! Sounds like you have an awesome relationship...lucky girls :-)

  4. indeed she is an awesomely multi talented girl ! Hope the rest of her academic career goes without much problem too !

  5. cute Pic Miss T - and so glad that you guys have a special bond! I see that talent with sport runs in the family genes!

  6. They do grow up fast...have you looked at the math yet? She started school in 2001 and will end it in cool!

  7. Hope it all works out perfectly in Grade 11. It's a difficult year & they want to start doing way too much jolling but the results are so important for universities while they are waiting to receive the matric results. If I could do it again I would be stricter now & I will be with my other 3 but 2009, grade 11 for Chelsea, was our toughest year & it was hard to maintain my resolve in the face of hysterics! It came right though & she did really well in the end so don't despair if you also face a little wobble. Not sure if it's typical or if they are each different!