Monday, January 24, 2011

Day at the dam

Our Sunday morning started of as a very nice day. Hubby and my dad went camping and we joined them in the morning, I have ear infection, so did not feel like camping:( So after a lot of nagging by Megan, we took her and her friend for the day{will post those later}, she had some fun on the tube! We struggled to get her down, so it was around and around in the dam, with the lovely wind in my aching ear!! But she had a blast!
While sitting under a tree, I spotted these two chickens having a fight! A real chicken fight in action!

And then there were these ones, just enjoying the Sunday morning:) Some head down in the mud!
Our day ended VERY wet! With rain pouring down on us, while we tried to pack up everything,still a very nice day out.


  1. Stunning photos.
    I have a soft spot for ducks so I love those especially.

  2. Looks like Megan had a blast! She looks so happy in these pics. The photo's of the chickens are awesome!
    Hope your ear is feeling better.

  3. Your daughter looks amazing on every photo you show of her on your blogs _ You so lucky you have her as a subject to photograph daily!!!!

  4. wow ! what a rustic time with the chickens and all ! & yeah ! Megan I'm sure had a fab time! Hope you're better by now !

  5. Great photos Tania...hope your ear is much better.


  6. Love the photos of Megs - you are doing great with that Camera girl!

  7. Hey Tania ,

    So sorry i couldnt get back to you earlier re: the color room challenges - usually there is a color palette & suggested sketch to go with the latest challenge . However in the last 3 weeks using the Shimmerz color palette there wasn't any sketch to go with the colors .

    You can check out past sketches here :