Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mini Album{for Megan's friend}

So I have this thing about Mini Albums: I tend to never finish them and get bored by doing them very quickly.
Megan wanted to give her friend Felicia a special gift for Christmas, something different and I promised her that I will make her an Mini Album!
I stopped in Roodepoort the other day and spotted this sweet little scrapping shop, they sell gorgeous kits! But I think of buying pre-planned kits as a waste, since I have so many things I want to use instead, so I asked the lady and she gave me the "recipe" only, yes, you buy only the notes, they give you the photo of the actual page layout, with all the measurements and so on. I thought that this was great, for it takes away the thinking in doing a mini.
So here goes:
Page One: Dream

Page Two:  Be True to YOURSELF

Page Three:  Our Friends Recipe

Page Four:  Love Much

Page Five: Reflections of Us

Page Six:  Live, Laugh, Love

Page Seven:  Always Count your Blessings

Page Eight:  Beautiful Life

Page Nine: Fun in the Sun

Page Ten: Laugh often.

I enjoyed making this album so much, only 10 pages, but I think she will like them, I completed them in 2 days.
Thanks for looking and have a nice evening;)


  1. o my ! with beautiful pics like these ! such a joy to make this album ! gorgeous gals they are !!! & Im sure yr album is treasured, hun !!!

  2. What a beautiful scrapbook, you are so very talented....I wish I could do something like this for my new granddaughter....

    The book I bought from while in SA...The Tosco one you asked me about.

  3. Stunning mini much detail and love went into proud my friend.

  4. WOW! That is absolutely stunning!! The photographs are amazing & I am very sure she will be delighted with it - WAS delighted with it - and those 2 girls are beautiful - when they go off to varsity they are going to cause quite a stir ;-D