Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Off to the market{another little favorite place of mine} And my WORD for 2011

About an hour's drive from us in the Johannesburg direction, you will find this huge farm stall,called Jasmyn.
They sell fresh produce, direct from the farmer.  They have this enchanted waterfall,when you enter.They bake fresh bread and rolls everyday and their meat is of the best quality. I love wondering through this place, looking and packing in my basket some of this lovely products they sell. We make this a monthly road trip and is really a treat for the whole family.
Now, about my WORD for 2011, I am honest that  it is hard to think of one word, that would fit the bill for this year.  There is this one thing at the back of my mind, that will maybe fit my year, so for 2011, I will make my Word: MEANING
To live life with meaning, to do everything meanigfull .


  1. You gave me goosebumps now...MEANING...how powerful is that for 2011...may I steal it as it means something to me as well...live my life with meaning!!

    Market sounds awesome...love fresh, organic type markets myself.

  2. Hi Sweetie - great word - as opposed to just living & getting swept along by circumstance - you map out your own path - God willing of course - and make those things happen for you this year! I am on holiday in the Zambian bush - very slow dial-up internet so not my usual way of life but will catch up with you when I get back. Have a great year.

  3. ohhh - I must get to visit Jasmyn (thanks for the heads up!!). and Great word to live by for the year ahead... may 2011 be your year ;-)

  4. Wishing you a year of meaning my friend.

    Stunning collage.

  5. Such rustic charm with this collage , Tania !

    & yeah ! wishing you a most meaningful year ahead !!

  6. Oh my word, where is that market...it looks divine!

    Great word for the year...